Sister Wives Spoilers: Has Meri Brown Joined The Wives Walking Out On Kody Brown?

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Sister Wives Sister Wives Spoilers reveal that the U.S. Sun is reporting that People has obtained a video from the TLC three-part tell-all that indicates that Meri Brown has split from Kody Brown. In this week’s one-on-one special, which airs Sunday, December 18, Meri reveals that she is also open to reconciliation.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Meri Brown Is Gone

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Meri is gone along with Christine Brown, and Janelle Brown. Sukanya Krishnan and Meri Brown watch a clip where Kody admits that he wouldn’t try to stop Meri if she chose to leave. Meri states that Kody led her to believe he was trying even after they moved to Flagstaff. Meri believed that their first anniversary in Flagstaff was a new beginning.

It seems that Meri had no idea that Kody had said this. From Meri’s perspective, it appears that she thought they were working on their marriage despite fans encouraging her to leave Kody time and again. Has Meri been operating under false pretenses all of this time? Has Kody purposely not said anything to Meri about his true feelings?

Sister Wives Spoiler – Why Do You Even Call Me?

Meri revealed that this year on their anniversary Kody questioned why Meri called him. Meri says that Kody went on to say on their last anniversary, ‘I don’t even know why you called me Meri.’ He’s like, ‘We’re not married. We’re not acting as married.’ Meri has tried to reconcile with Kody for years. Meri certainly cannot understand Kody’s reaction to Christine Brown leaving.

However, when Meri wanted to address this publicly, Kody refused. Kody told Meri, “No I don’t want to address it. I don’t want that to be out there publicly because I don’t want that judgment.” Meri is still open to trying to work things out if Kody would ever be interested in doing so. Kody hasn’t seemed very interested so far.

Sister Wives Spoilers – What Does This Mean For The Show?

Now that Kody is left with just one wife. Sister Wives doesn’t seem to be viable now that there is only one wife. Rumors suggest that Janelle and Christine may have their own show in the works. Of course, that would work well with Janelle and Christine’s Plexus business. Janelle also recently started a new LLC as well. Janelle and Christine certainly seem much happier now that they have left.

Meri was asked when Kody’s response left her. According to Meri, Kody made this choice. Most fans aren’t interested in Kody and Robyn’s monogamous relationship. It seems that no matter how much Robyn wants Meri to hang on, Kody simply is not interested. Will Kody and Robyn rebuild with someone new?

Keep checking back for all your SisterWives news and spoilers. Sister Wives airs on Sunday nights on TLC.

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