Teen Mom: What’s Going On With David Eason Ghosting Jenelle Evans?

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Teen MomTeen Mom fans recently spotted some posts by Jenelle Evans that suggests things have taken a bad turn with her husband, David Eason. But this weekend, things seem to have gotten weird. So, fans wonder what’s going on as it sounds like David ghosted her just before her birthday. Additionally, he posted on social media, but he talked about something completely different.

Teen Mom – Mystery As Jenelle Evans And David Clash?

Jenelle Evans clashes with her mom quite often. And in the past, she quite often clashed with her husband. However, in recent years, they seem to have settled down a bit. The wild phone calls about him evaporated, and it’s seldom that there is much sign of tension between them. In fact,  they make a lot of videos together which go up on YouTube.

Recently, Teen Mom fans saw that something seems to be happening between the two MTV alums. Last week, @TeenMomFanzzz noticed that she commented on David’s Facebook, saying, “So why did you block my number?” Then another one said, “Wish you cared about me as much as Facebook.”  Naturally, followers took it as a hint that something was brewing in the house of paradise.

Teen Mom – Alum Jenelle Posts, Deletes & Puzzles MTV Fans

The Sun reported that the MTV alum posted a photo of herself in a restaurant on Sunday. Tagging David, it showed them toasting wine glasses together, although only their hands were shown. The outlet noted that the post was taken at Frazier’s Tavern and Grill. However, the photo seems to have disappeared.

Teen Mom fans later saw in her Stories, that Jenelle posted up saying, “Tell me where @Easondavid88 is because it’s my birthday at midnight and he’s gone.”

Teen Mom What's Going On With David Eason Ghosting Jenelle Evans 2
Jenelle Evans – Instagram Via The Sun

Naturally, it seems as if somewhere along the line, David ghosted his wife. Certainly, it looked as if Jenelle was about to have a bad birthday. In the meantime, David also posted up a photo.

Teen Mom – David Posts About Bar Harbor, Maine

Teen Mom fans who visited David’s Instagram saw that he shared a really nice photo taken in Bar Harbor. He said, “Throwback to our anniversary in Bar Harbor Maine. We loved it there and definitely plan to go back one day.” Well, it’s a nice picture but not really related to Jenelle’s birthday. And, it’s not September, which was the month they tied the knot.

Teen Mom What's Going On With David Eason Ghosting Jenelle Evans 1
David Eason / Instagram

One fan said to David, “WHERES DAVID it’s 10:43 pm…”

Another one asked, “Where did you run off to? Your wife is looking for you 😂😂😂.”

Well, he didn’t answer either of those followers. So for now, it’s a mystery as to what actually happened. What are your thoughts?  Let us know in the comments below.

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