Sharrieff Shah Sr Begs The Judge To Go Easy On RHOSCL Star Jen Shah

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Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (RHOSCL) star Jen Shah is sitting on tenterhooks right now. Her sentencing date nears for allegedly defrauding people via a telemarketing scheme. Naturally, she hopes to avoid a long prison term after her guilty plea to wire fraud in July. Now her husband, Sharrieff Shah Sr., hopes to sway the judge to be lenient with her.

Real Housewives  – Star Jen Shah had A Long Legal Fight

Real Housewives of Salt lake City fans followed the case against Jen Shah since her arrest in March last year.  Actually, rumors of her allegedly conspiring to commit wire fraud in connection to a telemarketing scheme were already all over the place. Initially, she pleaded not guilty to any charges. Furthermore, she wanted the charges completely dropped against her regarding the conspiracy to defraud.

In the face of little sympathy from the court, the RHOSCL star decided to plead guilty to felony wire fraud. Knowing that there are potentially years of prison in her future, probably makes her steam and might account for her quick temper. As the time to face the music nears, (Jan 6), her legal team and her husband try and find some reason for the judge to go easy on the Bravo star.

Real Housewives  – Updates: Sharrieff Hopes For Leniency

Screenrant reported that Jen’s hubby, Sharrieff wrote a long letter to the judge. Recall, the Chrisleys did the same thing with Todd and Julie, but it didn’t help them much. Notably, though, they didn’t plead guilty to anything. In it, the outlet cited him saying that she made “catastrophically bad business decisions.” But at the same time, that was due to her being influenced by “awful people.”

Sharrieff Shah Sr Begs The Judge To Go Easy On RHOSCL Star Jen Shah
Jen Shah / Instagram

The fallen RHOSCL star also did good things, so he talked about how she helped “underprivileged girls.”  Additionally, she made a plan to assist with COVID-19 by sewing masks. Part of his letter pointed out that in his opinion, his wife is a “truly good woman, mother, wife, sister, and daughter.”

Real Housewives  – Remorseful Bravo Star

Apparently, the disgraced RHOSCL star spoke with Sharrieff often. So, he said, “Jen has expressed her genuine remorse to me so many times for what she has done and the people hurt by her criminal actions.”

Time will tell if his passionate defense of his wife makes any difference to her federal sentence. Unfortunately, federal wire crimes often carry very strict penalties. As she’s a TV star, that could go against her as well.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that Jen Shah deserves leniency? Let us know in the comments below.

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