DWTS Fans React To Derek Hough & Haley’s Terrifying Car Accident

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Dancing With The Stars Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) fans were shocked to discover on Christmas Eve, that Derek Hough and his fiancée, Haley Erbert had a car accident. In fact, they shared about it on Instagram days after it happened. Whilst it seems they will be okay, they were injured and Haley seems to be really uncomfortable. Naturally, Disney+ fans reacted to the news.

DWTS Fans Saw That Derek Hough & Haley Survived A Nasty Wreck

The idea that a pro-dancer might injure themselves is probably terrifying. One can only imagine how that might impact on a career like that of Derek Hough. The popular judge and pro-dancer has been a feature of the show for years now. Additionally, he and his sister Julianne got added screentime in a special.

DWTS fans also know that this year,  Derek got his Venetian Resort residency renewed in Las Vegas. Thankfully, the accident that happened during the holiday season didn’t leave him or Haley Erbert with permanent disabilities. Actually, photos of the wreck were flagged as potentially disturbing when the couple posted about it on Instagram. So, we haven’t shared all of them with our readers.

Dancing With The Stars  – Derek And Haley Shared A Joint Post About The Accident

In the reel, Haley did the talking, saying, that the accident didn’t involve other cars. However, they felt scared because it “involved a…hill, icy roads, a tree, and worst of all, the fear that we would slide off the mountain.” She also talked about how the EMTs reacted well to assist them. She’s “banged up,” with “a swollen face, and four stitches,” she said.

DWTS Fans React To Derek Hough And Haley Terrifying Car Accident
Derek Hough & Haley / Instagram

DWTS fans saw that poor Haley can’t even enjoy her candy this Christmas. That’s because “it hurts” to chew. Still, she tried even though it took a long time to get them down. In the comments, Derek wrote, “The scariest part was that Hayley doesn’t remember anything.” In fact,” she was dazed afterward.” Despite the injuries, she still wanted to go “to dinner.”  However, when  “the firemen arrived,” she started to come right.

Dancing With The Stars  – Fans & Dancing With The Stars Cast React

DWTS pro, Cherly Burke seemed horrified. She commented, “Omg! Thank God you’re both okay. Sending you love and a fast recovery. You’ll be able to chew candy in no time 🤍.”

Kaitlyn Bristowe said, “Oh my gosh you guys. So glad this wasn’t worse. ❤️❤️❤️.”

Peta Murgatroyd penned, “Omfg guys I’m so glad you both are ok!!! Thank god! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻”

Not to be left out, fans of the show also sent in their reactions. One of them said, “Omg how scary! I’m so glad you two are o[ok]. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 you both are champs and will recover quickly. ❤️❤️❤️.”

Plenty of love went in, and comments like this arrived: “1. I’m glad you’re both okay. 2. I’m glad you can still both dance. 3. Have a Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday.”

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