Most Sensible Soap Death And Comeback Of 2022: Days Of Our Lives’ Jake And Stefan

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Days of Our Lives - Brandon Barash Days of Our Lives never meant for Brandon Barash and Camilla Banus to click as Gabi and Stefan back in 2019, so they wrote in Stefan’s murder and then had to backtrack when fans were outraged. In 2022, they had to backtrack again.

Days Of Our Lives – Gave Stefan DiMera A Twin

Brandon Barash was only supposed to be a temporary Stefan DiMera after Tyler Christopher suddenly had to leave the role and then the character was supposed to meet an untimely death, which is exactly what happened. However, Barash wasn’t out of work for long as DOOL just gave him another character, Stefan’s brother, Jake DiMera.

As expected, Jake was paired with Gabi Hernandez to see if magic could strike twice between Barash and Banus, but it never did because Jake was an ill-conceived and not well-thought-out character that never really worked. Barash never seemed comfortable in the role and Jake and Gabi were a complete mismatch.

Finally, in 2022, DAYS decided to do something about this and reversed things. Jake died and Stefan was miraculously brought back to life. By then, Jake was ready to marry Ava Vitali (Tamara Braun) as the soap gave up[ on Jake and Gabi together ages ago. And while Jake was basically a nice guy, he was not the twin we wanted.

DOOL Spoilers – Righting A Wrong That Was Never Meant To Happen

While Stefan’s resurrection didn’t make sense, no Salem resurrections ever make sense. We just have to trust that Dr. Wilhelm Rolf (Richard Wharton) knows what he is doing when he brings all these characters back every once in a while.

We just know that we like having Stefan around again and his chemistry with Gabi is still there. Now we are rooting for Barash and Banus to work together again because these are the two characters who belong together.

Sometimes soaps can fix what it accidentally breaks and sometimes it can’t. There are also times that soaps refuse to fix things, but in the case of Barash’s characters, we are glad DOOL was willing to do it. If only Stefan would remember that he is still in love with Gabi already, but it’s coming… Steam new episodes of Days of Our Lives weekdays on Peacock starting at 6 AM EST.

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