Ambyr Childers Wins Restraining Order On Randall Emmett – Shocking Claim

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Ambyr ChildersRandall Emmett fell in love with Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent after he split from Ambyr Childers. For some time, all went well, and they welcomed baby Ocean. But when Lala heard that he allegedly cheated on him, she kicked him to the curb. New news reveals that Ambyr Childers just won a temporary restraing order against Randall, and it was supported by a shocking claim.

Vanderpump Rules – Randall Emmett Broke Lala Kent’s Heart

After the initial split, Vanderpump Rules fans anticipated that Lala would kiss and make up. But she stuck to her guns, and she stayed sober which seemed impressive. At one stage, she spoke about not feeling all that safe with Randall. Plus she was putting her daughter first in her life. However, it seems that Ocean’s dad does see his daughter.

While Randall Emmet faced accusations of aggressive behavior from Ambyr Childers, Lala became cautious about dating again. In fact, she vets her lovers and they don’t get anywhere near Ocean. With the shocking allegations against her ex, it explains a bit about why Lala might be so protective of her daughter. In fact, it will be interesting to hear Lala’s reactions to Ambyr’s latest claim.

Vanderpump Rules – Randall Emmet Accused Of ‘Child Exploitation’

The LA Times reported this week, that Ambyr had struggled to get the court to give her a temporary restraing order. So, she kept at it. Now that she finally got what she was after, court documents indicate that Ambyr produced something that involved the FBI. Shared on social media, the story claimed that the FBI contacted her in connection with ‘suspected activities with child exploitation and pedophilia.”

Ambyr Childers restraining order Randall Emmett
LA Times via @bravoandcocktails / Instagram

Naturally, the news shocked people. When @bravoandcocktails shared it on Instagram, folks seemed horrified. Actually, it made people understand why Ambyr Childers was uneasy with Randall Emmett being around her kids.

Vanderpump Rules – Reactions In The Comments

Speaking about the claims  against Randall Emmet, one person hoped that both Ambyr and Lala can keep their kids “safe.” Others could hardly think of anything to say other than “woah!”

Another person said, “I wish I could say I’m surprised.”

Despite all the shocked reactions, it should be noted that so far, there hasn’t been any news that the former Bravo lover has been charged with anything. Additionally, not all investigations lead to charges and sometimes agents might just try and get clarity on other people in a current investigation.

What are your thoughts on the FBI allegedly sniffing around Randall in regards to child exploitation? Do you believe he has anything to do with a pedophilia investigation? Shout out in the comments below.

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