Did Lisa Vanderpump Tweet ‘The Witch Is Dead’ After Lisa Rinna’s Departure?

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Lisa VanderpumpLisa Vanderpump left The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH)  after “Puppy Gate” and the drama continued without her. Now that Lisa Rinna has left the Bravo show, the word is spreading that the matriarch of Vanderpump Rules said, “Ding Dong, The Witch Is dead.” But did she actually tweet all of those words? Read on to find out.

Lisa Vanderpump – Moved On – Lisa Rinna Leaves RHOBH

Team Lisa always believed that leaving the Bravo show was the best thing that their “Queen” ever did. They missed her, but the show still brought a lot of drama and the focus turned to other cast members. Lisa Rinna took a lot of heat in October of 2022. It came after the drama about the trolling of the son Garcelle Beauvais. While most people blamed Diana Jenkins for it, Rinna was outed as allegedly running the notorious troll account named Baddie, a.k.a @Woke_Stan on Twitter.

Lisa Vanderpump probably thanks her lucky stars that she wasn’t on real Housewives of Beverly Hills during the fallout over the trolling bots. Possibly, fingers would have been pointed at her if she’d still been around. But, she wasn’t. Instead, she focused on her own show Vanderpumnp Rules, and on her restaurants. Furthermore, she enjoyed being a grandmother to Pandora’s little boy. However, she obviously keeps in touch with what’s happening on RHOBH.

Lisa Vanderpump – Said ‘The Witch Is Dead’ – Lisa Rinna Retires?

The news arrived that Lisa Rinna decided with the execs of Real Housewives, that she wouldn’t get a renewed contract after Season 13. According to People Magazine, “After weighing her options and business obligations, she and Bravo mutually decided that she would not return to RHOBH.” As Lisa Rinna was often controversial, a lot of people seem glad to see her go.

Soon, a screenshot started circulating that said, “Lisa Vanderpump tweets ‘Ding Dong’ the witch is dead after Rinna announces departure.”

Did Lisa Vanderpump Tweet The Witch Is Dead After Lisa Rinna Departure
@bravohousewives / Instagram

That seems to indicate that she did, indeed, say “The Witch is dead.” If you don’t know, it comes from the Wizard of Oz. However, the punctuation suggested that she didn’t actually say that. Not everyone is an expert at punctuation, so it makes sense that some people think the Pump Rules star actually said it. Meanwhile, on Twitter, some people posted up the story and combined a tweet by the restauranteur with another tweet, so it also suggested that she said it in response to Rinna leaving.

Lisa Vanderpump – Stand Alone Tweet said only ‘Ding Dog’

Lisa Vanderpump did tweet. She said, “Ding Dong.” Notably, it wasn’t in a reply to anyone. Furthermore, it didn’t tag anyone. And it certainly didn’t mention Lisa Rinna.

However, RHOBH fans took it as her saying “Ding Dong” in reference to Lisa leaving the Bravo show. But, it was actually her followers who added, “The Witch is dead.” Possibly it was in response to the news about Rinna, but, she has plausible deniability right now.

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