General Hospital Spoilers: Laura Embraces Nikolas’ Relationship With Elizabeth

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General Hospital l - Laura Collins (Genie Francis) General Hospital Spoilers reveal Laura Collins (Genie Francis) is quite pleased with Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) right now. She wasn’t certain what was going on with her son, Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma), but she knew Elizabeth might be involved when she was caught off guard finding her at Wyndemere recently. When Elizabeth entered the living area unannounced as Laura thought she was alone with her son, one could’ve cut the tension in that room with a knife. Now that Esme has been found alive, Nikolas is clamming up and looking to lawyer up as Elizabeth flails in the wind. Will Nik forget about his friend’s help when he needed it the most, and will he be willing to return the favor when she needs it? Laura seems to think so.

General Hospital Spoilers — Elizabeth Baldwin Did Go to Extremes To Protect Nikolas Cassadine

Elizabeth has put her entire life on the line to protect Nikolas the last several weeks. His melodrama struck at just the right time when Elizabeth was embroiled in her own feelings and looking for a distraction to welcome that would pull her away from the maladies of her own life. For the last month or better, her worries about her father, Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton), and Reiko Finn (Mele Ihara) have faded into the darkness while she has stepped into another variation of it at Wyndemere. Laura feels immense gratitude toward Elizabeth for standing by Nikolas in his time of need, and she’s supportive of an alleged relationship between them that is more than just friendship. It’s too bad Nikolas doesn’t seem to show the same thankfulness for his friend.

GH Spoilers – Hint Nikolas Cassadie May Not Be As Grateful As His Mother Is

Nikolas is consumed by his own plight, as usual. He can’t see past the stress of impending fatherhood and co-parenting with a mad woman like Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl). He’s owning up to the shame of having fathered her child, which is more than most would ever expect from him. However, he also knows he can’t hide it anymore. It’s not as though he came clean the moment he found out. He went to great lengths to hide the truth about Esme and her condition, and he put others at risk when he assumed she was The Hook and kept her from being prosecuted. Sure, Nik has a lot going on, but there’s no excuse for how much his own problems dominate the real estate in his mind that he can’t even make time to acknowledge what Elizabeth has done for him.

General Hospital Spoilers — Liz Baldwin Could Pull The Rip-cord; Laura Collins Could Ask Her Not To

Liz just might grow tired of being unappreciated and could decide she is done with this whole scheme. She doesn’t have the means to undo what she’s done so far, and she’s not even sure she regrets helping Nikolas, but she just doesn’t have it in her to go on with the charade any longer. Every time she has tried to step back or come clean though, she has allowed Nikolas to emotionally blackmail her into maintaining their story and forging ahead. Count on Laura being there just in time to plead with Elizabeth to hang on and not forsake her friendship with Nikolas, and count on Elizabeth to call into question what Laura’s intentions are and where her loyalty lies. Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers as this storyline continues to unfold.

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