Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Chad And Stephanie’s Shared Feelings, Abigail And Alex Left Out

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Days Of Our Lives -Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn)

Days of our Lives (DOOL) spoilers and updates tease Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) is ready to pick up the pieces of his romantic life. Chad has wanted to stay loyal to the memory of his wife Abigail Deveraux DiMera (Marci Miller). Chad has decided that wants to get into a relationship with Stephanie Johnson (Abigail Klein). Chad is concerned that Stephanie is not ready to pursue a new love because of Alex Kiriakis (Robert Scott Wilson).

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Chad DiMera Moves On but Remembers Abigail Deveraux DiMera

Chad has found that he likes spending time with Stephanie. Chad has been grateful that Stephanie wanted to help him with dealing with losing Abigail. Chad had needed to get justice for Abigail because Clyde Weston (James Read) had killed her. Chad had been able to bring Clyde to justice and had started to get his life back on track. Chad knew that Stephanie wanted to pursue a romantic relationship with him but he was not ready to make a new commitment. Chad wanted to be able to be Stephanie’s friend. Chad knew that Alex wanted to get into a relationship with Stephanie but Stephanie was reluctant to give Alex a chance. Stephanie decided that she would get into relationship with Alex. Chad has wanted to support Stephanie’s desire to date Alex.

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Stephanie Johnson Breaks Up from Alex Kiriakis Over a Selfish Betrayal

Stephanie had wanted to get closer to Chad. Stephanie had been able to understand that Chad was not ready to get into a new relationship. Stephanie had decided that she would give Alex a chance because he helped her with the problems that Paulina Price (Jackee Harry) and Chanel Dupree (Raven Bowens) were having with Sloan Peterson (Jessica Serfaty). Stephanie believed that she could count on Alex. Stephanie had needed to be able to be with her mother Dr. Kayla Johnson (Mary Beth Evans) because she was dying. Stephanie had been on a date with Alex when Chad had been trying to call her to come to the hospital. Alex knew that Chad was calling Stephanie and turned off Stephanie’s phone. Chad found Stephanie with Alex and tried to get her to the hospital in time to be with Kayla before her death. Stephanie did not get a chance to tell Kayla a final goodbye. Stephanie figured out later that Alex had turned her phone off. Stephanie decided to end her relationship with Alex. Stephanie has turned to Chad for comfort for losing Kayla and Alex.

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Chad DiMera and Stephanie Johnson Brought Together by Tragic Events

Days of our Lives Stephanie and Chad have bonded over the losses that that have suffered. Stephanie knows that Chad will not forget Abigail but she hopes that Chad is ready to get into a new relationship. Will Stephanie help Chad find love again with her? Chad knows that Stephanie is trying to deal with losing Kayla. Will Chad be able to help Stephanie to deal with her pain over losing Kayla? Chad is aware that Stephanie may need time to get over Alex. Will Chad be able to help Stephanie get over Alex? Chad and Stephanie may find that they can help each other and find love with each other. Will Chad and Stephanie pursue a romantic relationship in the future? Be sure to catch up on everything happening with DOOL right now. Come back here often for Days of Our Lives spoilers, news, and updates.

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