Sister Wives Star Gwendlyn Brown Comments On Ysabel & Kody

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Sister WivesSister Wives fans felt terribly sorry for Ysabel Brown because Kody Brown wouldn’t go with her for her back surgery. Actually, TLC fans saw that over the years, Christine’s daughter suffered a lot as she wore uncomfortable braces. Finally, the time arrived to fix the scoliosis problem and fans know her mom felt that Kody’s attitude was the last straw for her. This week, Gwendlyn Brown commented on how awkward her sister seemed when she was around her father.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Star Gwendlyn Brown Commented On Kody & Robyn

Ever since Gwen started her YouTube channel where she reacts to episodes from the TLC show, fans got some insight into her family dynamics. Fans think that she’s funny and very clever. For instance, they liked it when she pointed out that Robyn and Kody contracted themselves. That came in Season 17 when Robyn said that Kody’s always going off somewhere.  Meanwhile, Kody claimed he stayed home all the time. So, some folks wondered if Gwen should be studying law.

Sister Wives fans saw in Season 17, Episode 6, that Ysabel Brown was moving to North Carolina as she qualified to study at college. By then, Ysabel’s surgery was done and dusted, and she looked tall, straight, and very attractive, fans agreed. Recall, the story about her back surgery actually started in Season 15. You might remember that Kody Brown wanted her to postpone her surgery. Later, fans saw that he wouldn’t go with her. In fact, he seemed to think that she should go by herself even though she was just a teen.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Star Ysable Brown Seemed Awkward With Her Dad

When Season 17 episode 6 aired, fans saw that Ysabel seemed reluctant to be around her father. Kody couldn’t seem to understand why, saying that he’s “not that big an ogre.” He also said that “when I spend time with Ysabel, I spend most of my time doing a lot of work to draw her out of herself.” As Gwen pointed out, “it seems like he understands that she doesn’t like being around him.”

Sister Wives Star Gwendlyn Brown Comments On Ysabel and Kody
Gwendlyn Brown / YouTube

The Sister Wives star noted that clearly, Ysabel is “uncomfortable” and “awkward” when she’s with her father. When Kody started talking about how there are other people who need him apart from Ysabel, Gwen commented again. She said, “[Isabel] is probably hurting that you weren’t very active in her childhood.” Then, when Kody talked about Covid and how he would have gone with her but for that, he claimed Christine just used it as an excuse to get away from him. To that, Gwen said, sarcastically, “sure!

Sister Wives Spoilers – Slamming Kody Brown

Sister Wives fans saw that Kody Brown said that he doesn’t have “the ear” of his kids.  Well, Gwendlyn did not like that comment at all. The TLC star reacted by saying, “that’s not true.” She added, “we were the ones who convince my mom…or, maybe not convinced her. But we probably dislike our father more than she does.”

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You can watch the start of Gwen talking about Kody and Ysabel Brown at the 7:38 mark below.

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