General Hospital Spoilers: Elizabeth Opens Up to Finn About Carolyn

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General Hospital -Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst)

General Hospital Spoilers hint Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) is about to open up to Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) in a whole new way. Finn has always known Elizabeth didn’t have a relationship with her parents, but he’s only recently gleaned just how messed up they are and why she doesn’t talk to them.

Finding out what role they played in his late wife’s death left him thinking Elizabeth was definitely better off not knowing her parents anymore. So when Elizabeth tells Finn she is entertaining giving her mother another chance to be in her life, he might be surprised, and he may have his own opinion that he struggles to hide.

General Hospital Spoilers — Carolyn Webber Came to Town

When Carolyn showed up in Port Charles, she must have wondered if she would bump into her “Lizzie,” but she certainly didn’t expect to before she had time to do anything else. It was as if it was destined to happen. Carolyn is hoping that Elizabeth will give her another chance to make amends and right her wrongs, and she’s thinking helping Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) — and Elizabeth, by default — could be just the ticket to doing that. Little does she know she would be further involving herself in a criminal scheme, but her medical practices are far from ethical to begin with.

GH Spoilers – Tease Elizabeth Baldwin Is Alone

Elizabeth wasn’t disappointed to run into her mother. She hasn’t been in a good place lately. Ever since Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) died, it’s been one thing after another for Elizabeth. She struggled to accept his death, and she thought she was legitimately losing her mind for a brief time. Then she fled to California to confront her parents and found out what was really going on with her — she was slowly starting to remember the memories she had forgotten from her teenage years.

Elizabeth might be justified in never talking to her parents again, but she can’t shake how lonely she feels. With Cameron ‘Cam’ Webber (William Lipton) working all the time or in college, and her other boys getting older, Elizabeth has realized how lonely life is without a family or a partner by her side. Sure, it’s her fault Finn isn’t her boyfriend anymore, but it may feel like it again for just a moment when she’s confiding in him.

General Hospital Spoilers — Hamilton Finn’s Opinion Is Written All Over His Face

When Elizabeth sat down to tell Finn how she feels and ask whether he thinks she would be crazy to entertain letting her mom back into her life, she’s not sure she was actually wanting his opinion. She’s going to get it though. Finn hasn’t forgiven Carolyn and Jeff Webber (William R. Moses), and he didn’t think he ever had to since he wasn’t coupled up with Elizabeth anymore. He wasn’t expecting to ever have such a conversation, and she should’ve known that.

 Still, it’s clear Liz needs a friend and a voice of reason. Finn will set his own feelings aside and encourage her to follow her own instincts, but Elizabeth will be able to tell how he really feels just by looking at him. So, will she listen to Finn’s feelings, or her own? Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers just ahead to find out.

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