The Bachelorette Star Blake Moynes Undergoes Surgery In Africa

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The Bachelorette star Blake Moynes didn’t find love despite appearing on the ABC show twice. Recall, he appeared in Seasons 16 and 17 but things didn’t work out. Well, he’s all about wildlife and he went off to Africa to help combat the poaching of wildlife. However, things went wrong for him when he got a nasty infection. In fact, he required surgery. So, how’s he doing at the moment? Read on to find out.

The Bachelorette -Blake Moynes Runs His Mowgli Moynes Fund

During his reality TV appearance on ABC, Blayke didn’t make it past week 9 the first time. So, his dream of sharing his life with Clare Crawley ended. However, in Season 17, he became engaged to Katie Thurston. Unfortunately, in October 0f 2021, the news arrived that they split. You might remember that Katie really thought he was the guy for her. However, he got a rep for being a bit of a rule-breaker, and it all fizzled out in the end.

The Bachelorette fans saw that Katie had other guys on her mind during the show. In fact, she seemed upset when she broke it off with Justin Glaze. Furthermore, she was unhappy after she and Greg Grippo had their altercation. Anyway, Blake and Katie became engaged on her birthday during the finale. Perhaps the idea of living with the wildlife manager appealed to her. Anyway, they both moved on and this year, he went to Africa. If you don’t know, he helps to raise funds for wildlife through his Mowgli Moynes Fund.

The Bachelorette: Blake Moynes Got A Bad Infection In Africa

Blake gets out and about all over the place with his love for wildlife. Recently, he shared about sharks and ocean conservation in the Bahamas. Additionally, you’ll find videos on his YouTube about Kenya where he works on anti-poaching operations. If you love wildlife, you’ll find plenty of great videos to watch on his vlog. However, working with wildlife does come with danger. And somehow, he managed to get a really bad infection in Africa. He’s there until March, but most likely he won’t be running home despite needing surgery.

The Bachelorette Star Blake Moynes Undergoes Surgery In Africa
Blake Moynes / YouTube

The Bachelorette fans heard from his mom, Emily about the reality TV star needing surgery. When Screenrant reported about it, the outlet said, ” he had a really bad infection that has been treated.” Additionally, she mentioned that he told her after he had had surgery to sort out the problem. Emily asked her followers to pray for her son and said, “It doesn’t matter how old your kids are, the worry never stops.”

Will Blake Stop Visiting Wild Places?

The Bachelorette fans know enough about Blake to know that he probably won’t stop getting out in the wilderness. Actually, he lives for the conservation of natural places. Probably, as he hasn’t mentioned it on his own social media, he’ll shrug it off and carry on working.

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