The Young And The Restless Spoilers: Nick To Take On His Father, Protects Sally From Victor

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The Young And The Restless - Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow)

The Young and the Restless spoilers show that Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) has gone his entire life dealing with his father, Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) and getting involved with his personal affairs. It’s been a continuous back-and-forth for decades, though, I think it could finally be coming to an end shortly…

I think it is finally time for Nick to stand up to his father and tell him once and for all that he is finished him him, his business and his life. Sure, we’ve seen Nick stand up to his father before, but now that he has a child on the way (maybe) with Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope), I think he is going to be more desperate.

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Nick Newman Has Had Enough!

I would love to see Nick tell his father to not only stay out of his life and his affairs, but that he is staying out of his. Cut off any and all connections to his family and make it a point that if Victor ever wants to speak to him again, he would be wise to stay out of his relationships.

We all know how much Victor hates Sally, and now that she might be carrying his son’s child, that only makes him more angry. However, Victor needs to realize that the world doesn’t revolve around him and he gets a choice in every single thing that happens!

Y&R Spoilers – Sally Spectra Drops The Bombshell

There is still a lot of theories that the baby could be Adam Newman’s (Mark Grossman), or even another person that we don’t know about. However, for now, it seems the baby is Nick’s. Could Sally drop a huge bomb on Victor by telling him that the baby isn’t any of his son’s and that he has no control of her or her child?

It’s a long shot, but something needs to happen and I think we’re all getting tired of Victor overreaching every chance he gets. He needs to back off and mind his own business. I hope Nick finally stands up and says something about it and cuts ties with him. It could be another bonding moment between him and Adam, even though they have their own issues right now between Sally.

What do you think? Should Nick cut ties with his father and how do you think he should do it? Share your thoughts and remember to keep watching the CBS soap to see what happens next.

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  3. Chanell Murray says

    Stop doing Nick wrong! Let the baby be his baby let him be happy. Plus this story ain’t even good as it use to be. I’m bout to give it a break.

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