Royal Family Watchers Don’t Care About Prince Harry Losing His Virginity?

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Royal Family Watchers Don't Care About Prince Harry Losing His Virginity?

Prince Harry lost his virginity and it pushed stories about potential nuclear war off the top of the front page of quite a lot of news outlets. Certainly, it seems that outlets like TMZ, The Sun UK, The Herald AU, and The Independent have some happy writers. And it’s not confined to magazines. It made it onto The Daily Mail’s YouTube channel.  when his first lover told her alleged story, Certainly, the reporter certainly sounded excited. But do folks really care how and where the young man lost his virginity?

Prince Harry – First Mentioned Losing His Virginity

While people cackle and laugh about the son of King Charles losing his virginity to an older woman, actually, he’s only about two years younger than her. When he wrote his book, “Spare,” he talked about the experience but didn’t mention the name of the person. So, a woman, named Sasha Walpole came forward and delivered golden tea into the headlines for the weekend. Well, who can blame the outlets for running the story? But do readers and viewers really care about the schoolboy who did what comes naturally at the age of 17?

Prince Harry opened himself up to much merriment from hosts and reporters, so maybe it’s his own fault that people forgot the war in Ukraine for five seconds. Perhaps he will regret it now. But then again, he’s well enough educated to presumably know that countless boys experienced their first romp as teens because they have the equipment to do so. It’s natural folks. So, some people wonder what the heck they are meant to do with the information.

Prince Harry – Lost His Virginity In A Field Behind A Pub

When he was 17, Harry was apparently with a girl he know who worked for his dad as a stable hand. The Sun UK reported that it was on the occasion of her 19th birthday. Who knew he’d actually given her a present that would reward her with five minutes of fame decades later?  It sounds like things got flirty and then they had enough dutch courage after tequila to sneak out and go for their super-fast rumpy-pumpy session while the security staff looked for the red-haired boy. That’s it folks – the story that apparently stopped the world.

Royal Family Watchers Don't Care About Prince Harry Losing His Virginity
TMZ / Instagram

When TMZ shared the story on Instagram, hardly anyone cared that Prince Harry lost his virginity to Sasha Walpole amongst the beetles and spiders in a field. Here are some examples of the comments and reactions:

Does anyone care?

Who cares! Humans have reproductive organs!

I don’t care.

Slow day in Hollywood 😂.

What are we suppose to do with this information?

This is the epitome of ‘none of our business.”


Do You Care?

What are your thoughts about Prince Harry allegedly making out with a girl behind a pub? Actually, he allegedly drank alcohol at the age of 17 as well. Might that shock you a bit more than the fact that they allegedly romped in the pasture? Let us know in the comments below.

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