The Bachelorette Alum Blake Moynes Updates Fans After Surgery In Africa

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The Bachelorette Bachelorette alum Blake Moynes didn’t find love on two seasons of the ABC show. However, he always loved nature and wildlife. Recently he’s been very quiet and his mom shared the news that he went to Africa and needed surgery. This weekend, he gave his followers an update. Will he be okay? Read on to find out.

The Bachelorette News – Blake Moynes Got A Bad Infection

Earlier this month, Blake’s mom Emily took to her Instagram and told her followers that her son was in need of prayers. Then, she explained that he somehow got a very bad infection. Actually, fans quickly sent light, love, and prayers his way because he also needed surgery. If you don’t know, Blake had worked in Africa before with his Mowgli Moynes Fund and with the Big Life Foundation. This time, he was there to learn more to expand his resume and his own skills. But, it went horribly wrong.

If things had worked out differently on Bachelorette, perhaps Clare Crawley or Katie Thurston would have flown out to Africa to be by his side after his hospital admission. But, they both found other people and Clare recently married Ryan Dawkins. ABC fans have been watching for Blake to post something about his surgery and he finally did an update via his Instagram Stories.

The Bachelorette News – Blake Moynes Went On A Training Course In South Africa

When Blake shared about his experience,e he noted that he’d been without his “phone for some time.” Then he talked about how he went on a “7 week wildlife adventure in SA” but it ended “early.”  That is because of “an injury.”  While he didn’t say how he injured himself, his mom confirmed that it was his foot that got badly infected. Originally, he planned to attend a 5-week course to “train as a wildlife ranger.” Next, he was going to visit other places in South Africa.

The Bachelorette Alum Blake Moynes Updates Fans After Surgery In Africa
Blake Moynes / Instagram Stories

Bachelorette fans saw that he posted up some footage of his colleagues helping to tag a rhino. And, it’s not an easy job at all. Anyway, it seems that he enjoyed the course. At least, that part which he attended.

Blayke Mopynes Game Ranger Training
Blake / Instagram

Now, he’s planning on doing some of the “non-physical training.” After that, he’s calling it a day and returning home to Canada.

The Bachelorette News  – No More Africa?

Bachelorette fans might think that Blake Moynes might be once-bitten-twice-shy about Africa. However, things like infections, bites, scratches, scrapes, and even gunshot wounds are not all that unusual for game rangers. Knowing Blake, he’ll be back again and sharing videos of his wildlife adventures in the future.

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