Has Mama June Shannon Lost Popularity Since Marrying Justin?

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Mama June Shannon Mama June Shannon has been a popular TV star for a long time now. However, since she married Justin Stroud, she seems to get fewer likes and comments on her Instagram. Is that a reflection of how WEtv fans feel about them hooking up? Read on to find out that possibility.

Mama June Shannon – Was On TV For A Long Time

Long before Road To Redemption, the mom of Pumpkin and Honey Boo Boo became known for her daughter’s pageants. The fact that her youngest child retired from pageantry, arrived in 2013. The reason was that Here Comes Honey Boo Boo took up a lot of time with filming. But that wasn’t the end of Alana Thompson’s mom’s career. Since that show, she also landed her own show, From Not To Hot.

Mama June Shannon went through a big rabbit hole when the show changed its name from Family  Intervention, through Family Crisis to Road to Redemption. Folks still visited her Instagram often. Actually, many people rooted for her recovery in rehab and they cheered when she dumped Geno Doak. But, it seems that not as many people visit her Instagram these days, and it does seem to coincide with her marrying Justin.

Mama June Shannon – Popularity Wanes?

Admittedly, in September last year, when she shared that she and Justin had been together for a year, she scored over 6K likes and over 400 comments. Then, when she confirmed that she and Justin Stroud were married, she got a good reaction. And, for some reason, she still seems to do alright with her Boom Bod ads. But, lots of those people are just there to troll her. However, it’s very seldom that she gets tens of thousands of likes.

Mama June Shannon Lost Popularity Since Marrying Justin
Mama June / Instagram

Mama June Shannon managed 31K likes in a post in October when she dyed her hair pink. But, the fact that quite a few outlets wrote about it, might have helped with that. Mostly,  it seems that she gets about on average, between 200 and 4000 likes. You could argue that’s because the show’s in-between seasons. But, in the past, she often scored a very high number of likes, fairly consistently.

Mama June Shannon – Higher Likes Before Justin Stroud?

Scrolling through Mama June Shannon’s Instagram page, it’s interesting to note that in June last year when the show was on, only 762 people liked her watch party invite. Meanwhile, in April, of the previous year, when she was still with Geno, she was getting between 150 and 200K likes.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that people don’t like as many posts because of Justin Stroud? Let us know in the comments below.

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