Bachelor Lead Clayton Echard Wrote A Book Called ‘180 Degrees’

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The BachelorThe Bachelor star, Clayton Echard first appeared in the ABC franchise on The Bachelorette with Michelle Young. In his own season, he seemed to take a lot of heat because he has a temper. However, he also talked about mental health. Now, he revealed that his book, “180 Degrees: On Mental Health, Mindfulness, and Unlocking Self-Belief “ is complete. Now ABC fans can buy it on Amazon.

The Bachelor Star – Clayton Echard Disturbed Some Viewers

Bachelor spoilers during the season left ABC fans irritated with  Clayton Echard. Recall, Shanae misbehaved and that cost a few other contestants their place on the show. Actually, folks believe that the production team kept her around for so long to cause drama. Additionally, he went through early contestants at speed, and then there was drama with the Fantasy Suite. That came when Suzie got all jealous because he slept with both Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey.

Even Bachelor Nation cast members slammed Clayton Echard. Actually, usually tolerant star, Tanner Tolbert bashed at him. He said some straight things using words like “bringing” and “raging a**hole.” That was in response to a scene where he threw a temper tantrum about Susie complaining about him sleeping with the other women. Well, perhaps it was partly because of his mental health issues. Anyway, he wrote a book and announced “180 Degrees” on Instagram.

The Bachelor – Clayton Echard Reveals Book Details

On February 13, Clayton took to his Instagram and revealed that he wrote his book called “180 Degrees: On Mental Health, Mindfulness, and Unlocking Self-Belief .” In his long caption, he said, “8 months later and I officially have a book to share with y’all!!” Next, he noted that he originally penned the book for himself. Actually, it was a sort of therapy for him. He added, “[I] document[ed] my mental health journey from childhood up until now.” However, he also thinks that other folks with “mental health” issues might benefit from reading it.

Bachelor Lead Clayton Echard Wrote A Book That Will Soon Be On Amazon
Clayton Echard / Instagram

The Bachelor star also feels that it’s very important to have “necessary conversations centered around mental health.” Furthermore, he said, “We all face our own struggles, but I believe we stand the best chance at overcoming them when we look to others to help us when we can’t do it alone.” Naturally, ABC fans responded in the comments. One of them said, “And you’re giving back to a charity 👏 You are a stand up dude!” That is because some of the proceeds will be donated to “a mental health organization!”

The Bachelor News – When Will 180 Degrees Be Available?

The book by the Bachelor star is available on Amazon and the link is provided below. Available in paperback, it was published on January 19. The book costs $13.99.

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