Teen Mom 2: Nathan Griffith Triggers Fans After DV Arrest

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Teen Mom Teen Mom 2 fans always think of Jenelle Evans when they hear news about Nathan Griffith. So, it’s not surprising that news he allegedly committed battery triggered MTV viewers. After all, both of them managed to trigger people over the years. This time, they feel so bad for Kaiser that they want to rescue the little boy. Trigger warning: This article contains details of domestic violence.

Teen Mom 2 Spoilers – Jenelle Evans And Nathan Griffith Feuded

Nathan has always been divided between his two parents and these days, he spends most of his time living with David Eaason, his mom, and Ensley. Occasionally, he also sees his half-brother, Jace. Fans like the cute little kid and they feel terribly sorry for him. After all, he’s been the subject of custody battles in the past. Actually, some folks who follow the MTV show wish that he had some better choices as his dad has a history of alleged violence. And, so does David.

Teen Mom 2 fans saw fireworks between Nathan Griffith, a former marine, and Jenelle very often. In fact, in the 2016 Tell-all, she accused him of choking her. Well, MTV fans feel that both of them were out of hand as they both accused each other of violence. But stuck in the middle of that, was their son, Nathan. Actually, the fact that she claimed he tried to choke her, lines up with the latest alleged domestic violence that happened this week.

Teen Mom 2 Spoilers – Star Nathan Griffith Allegedly Committed Battery

TMZ broke the news that Nathan was arrested by Delray Beach, Florida cops on Friday. Allegedly, they got the call from his brother-in-law William. According to the outlet, Willimas alleged that “Nathan told him on the phone he “lost it” — choked his girlfriend and dragged her up the stairs.” Additionally, the report claims that his girlfriend showed signs of bruising on the neck. Meanwhile, Nathan alleged that scratches on him had occurred during intercourse. Well, the cops didn’t believe his claims of innocence and he landed up in jail.

Teen Mom 2 Nathan Griffith Triggers Fans After DV Arrest
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Teen Mom 2 fans are triggered by the details that emerged. After all, it’s not the first time that Nathan Griffith has been accused of aggressive behavior. Headlines in 2015 claimed that he ended up arrested for getting physical with his girlfriend Jessica after they had a fight in a bar.  At that time, he allegedly tried to choke her as well.

Teen Mom 2 Spoilers – Triggered Fans Comment

Teen Mom 2 fans hated to see the news that naturally ended up on Reddit. One of them said, “Horrible. I hope he sits in prison for a long time. I also hope his wife divorces him so i get a mark on [a] bingo card. Poor Kaiser for having trash parents.”

More people talked about Kaiser and this comment also arrived: “I know it’s weird because I’m a stranger but I wish I could go pick Kaiser up and take him to therapy and give him some stability. It makes me sad knowing that J&D will be celebrating this news. You know David will torment Kai with it.”

Angry about more reports of violence against women, a member of the community wrote, “This mf has been violent with every woman he’s been with and still isn’t in prison. We hate to see it.”

If you know of someone in need of protection from domestic violence you can contact the Crisis Text Line by texting CHAT to 741741.

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