The Bachelor Alum Sarah Herron Grieves For Baby Oliver

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The Bachelor The Bachelor Season 17 introduced fans to Sarah Herron and folks saw her in two seasons of  Bachelor in Paradise. Since then, she and Dylan Brown expected a baby, but it wasn’t an easy journey for her. Sadly, a month ago, baby Oliver died, and now she revealed the depth of her grief.

The Bachelor News – Sarah Herron Was In Sean Lowe’s Season

The audience saw lots of lovely ladies vying for Sean Lowe’s attention. However, Sarah found a huge fan base who really liked her. Naturally, she was easy to spot as she was born with one arm. Mind you, she seemed to have a sunny personality, so folks could overlook that. Nevertheless, she left the season quite early, and later on, folks heard that she met a guy named Dylan Brown.

The ABC alum and Dylan seemed like a great couple. You might recall seeing them in ‘The Bachelor: The Greatest Season. At the time, Chris Harrison was still involved in the show. Always popular, fans were delighted to hear late last year, that they expected a baby together. However, tragic news arrived that the baby boy died soon after he was born prematurely.

The Bachelor News – Alum Sarah Herron Describes Her Grief

Baby Oliver wasn’t dead when he arrived on Planet Earth. However, he was premature. Actually, he survived for a few hours, so they were able to give their little one some kisses and cuddles. How do people even deal with that? Some folks just can’t even begin to imagine the heartbreak.  After a full month since Oliver passed away, Sarah tried to express her inner feelings.

The Bachelor Alum Sarah Herron Grieves For Baby Oliver
Sarah Herron / Instagram

A few days ago, The Bachelor alum took to Instagram and wrote a long caption. The photo that she shared, revealed her tiny little boy getting some love from his mom. In part, she said, “It’s been a month since Oliver was born. ❤️ This is him, this is his sweet little face. Perfect and covered in bright blonde peach fuzz. All 2lbs of him.” Next, she tried to describe how they managed to survive without their baby for a month.

Sometimes, the loss of her child feels like “a nightmare.” Meanwhile, at other times, it’s almost as if her “pregnancy was all a dream.” Speaking about healing, The Bachelor alum said, “My body is healing, yet I remain in maternity jeans—a paradox of relief and grief at the same time.” Making it harder for her, spring comes soon, and it hurts her that “life carries on, despite my grief.”

The Bachelor News – Chris Harrison Sends His Love

In her post, The Bachelor fans saw that she is “healing” even though she sounded amazed that she’s able to. So, she talked about learning how to “find joy” again despite her loss. Many people commented on her post. Chris Harrison the former host of the show said, “Sending you love sweet girl.”

Meanwhile, Arie Luyendyk, who hadn’t heard about the loss wrote, “No words… I’m so sorry you two. Had no idea, thoughts and prayers for your healing ❤️‍🩹.”

Plenty of fans also commented and this is typical of the kind of things that were expressed: “My heart breaks. May god hold you tight and give you the strength to take one minute at a time…one day at a time. Thank you for giving your strength to the world. You are helping so many! And I hope that helps you in this journey knowing that! ❤️” 

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