Lisa Vanderpump Reveals A Softer Side In Season 10 Of VPR

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Lisa Vanderpump Lisa Vanderpump ran into a problem with her cast that might affect various business ventures. Of course, it’s all about Tom Sandoval and Raquel’s cheating story. Anyway, the show wrapped filming Season 10, and before the new scandal arose, some sweet footage arrived that showed a soft side to the matriarch.

Lisa Vanderpump – Will Debut Her Grandson Theodor

Lisa has a life outside of the TV show, Vanderpump Rules, (VPR).  If you don’t know, her daughter Pandora welcomed a baby boy in November of 2021. Soon, his grandmother was sharing photos of the precious little guy. Sweetly, she said that he’d know her as “Nanny Pinkie” when get got old enough to talk. After his birth, she couldn’t wait to share her joy with her many Bravo fans.

Season 10 of the show headlined by Lisa Vanderpump already wrapped filming. However, there are developments that might make some extra footage. That’s because of all the fallout from the affair that Raquel is alleged to have had with Tom Sandoval. Actually, Lisa doesn’t really mind what shenanigans her employees get up to. But when it hurts the business, it’s no longer a laughing matter. Fans sick of the drama might welcome the debut of Theodore “Teddy” Sabo in the show.

Lisa Vanderpump – Fans Will See Grandma Is A Softie

Theodor Sabo seems like he captures his grandmother’s heart and she simply adores him.  She just loves to babysit and interact with him. In the trailer for this week’s episode, she gushed to her husband Ken about the cute kid. Additionally, she got herself down on the carpet to encourage him to crawl.

Lisa Vanderpump Reveals A Softer Side In Season 10 of VPR
Bravo via Lisa Vanderpump Fans / Twitter

Fans of Lisa Vanderpump seem to like the idea of a few sweet moments in the VPR show. Really, the drama from the cast simply got even worse after Jax Taylor left. Actually, ‘PumpRules fans now feel shocked that there was a worse cheater than him lurking on the show all this time.

Lisa Vanderpump – Bravo Fans Comment On A Teaser

When fans 0f Lisa Vanderpump saw her interacting with her grandson in a teaser shared on Twitter, some nice comments arrived.

One fan, Shae Parsley, wrote, “I knew she was ready for that role! As do I, she’s on the floor just absorbing the joy, and the smiles! I didn’t think anything could top being a mom, until they made me a grandma. ♥️”

Meanwhile, @mofodolo opined, “He’s beautiful and then he smiles… what a heartbreaker he’s going to be, he’s so adorable. 🥰 Keep enjoying your grandbaby.”

With all the drama and scandal amongst the cast of the show, do you agree it will be nice to meet little Teddy Sabo? Let us know in the comments bleow.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the VPR right now. Come back here often for more Vanderpump Rules spoilers, news, and updates.

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