Amy King Breaks All the Rules In New Outfit

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Amy King

Duggar Family News reveals that Amy King is once again showing off her clothing choices. She has always been the black sheep in the Duggar family and has never been afraid to show off her life with her fans. She continues to post photos and videos of herself with her husband and son, but there is something her fans always notice and it is the way that she dresses.

Amy King  – Breaking All The Duggar Rules

Even though Amy is no longer part of the Counting On and 19 Kids and Counting, she still has the Duggar name. Unfortunately so much is tied to this name, so she does everything that she can in order to shake it. In one of her most recent posts, her fans saw her in a new outfit and just couldn’t help but think what Jim Bob Duggar would think if he saw her dressed this way.

In her new post, she and her family were at the aquarium for a fun day. Fans were shocked to see what she chose to wear. Amy was dressed in a skin tight shirt with a plunging neckline and very tight leggings. She added a baseball cap and a blazer to the outfit.

Amy King  – The Strict Dress Code

While Amy was growing up with the Duggars, she had to deal with a very strict dress code that her uncle Jim Bob instilled in his family. Women were never allowed to show off their shoulders, cleavage, or legs. They were always wearing very long skirts and dresses. This dress code was pushed on them so that they wouldn’t look like sexual objects to men. Of course, it seems that all of the Duggar women have now broken this dress code.

Not only has Amy been seen in very daring clothing, but she has also been seen drinking with her friends and husband. Alcohol was strictly forbidden in her religion growing up as well. It seems like Amy is loving her life and is doing everything that she can to show Jim Bob that she no longer feels that his rules are for her. Of course, there have been some other signs that she doesn’t live by the religious code any longer.

Amy will continue to share videos and pictures with her fans and they have all praised her for the person that she has become without Jim Bob’s rules in her life. You can follow her on Instagram and TikTok to find out more about her and see what else she shares.

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