Bachelorette Alum Clare Crawley Is Super Excited About New Home

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Bachelorette Bachelorette alum Clare Crawley starred as the lead in Season 16 on ABC. Actually, she caused a huge upset when she fell in love with Dale Moss straight away. So, the execs brought in  Tayshia Adams instead. Well, Dale didn’t work out but she found happiness with Ryan Dawkins. Now they have purchased a home together, and she’s super excited about it.

Bachelorette Alum News – Clare Crawley From Low To High

Recently, things went from low to high, and then did it all over again. In fact, her wedding dress was stolen. Incredibly, she managed to find a replacement on short notice and it did the trick on her special day. When she tied the knot she seemed euphoric. That happened earlier this year and ABC fans were really happy for her. If you don’t know, Ryan was never on the show and he’s a dad.

Sadly, the Bachelorette alum hit a low point near the end of March. That came when her beloved little pooch Elbie passed away suddenly. In fact, she felt so devastated, that she took time away from social media to deal with her grief. Time does heal, if slowly, and now she’s back on social media, her life took a rise in the happy stakes again.

Bachelorette Alum News – Claree Crawly Isd Delighted With New Home

This week, the ABC alum took to her Instagram stories to talk about a new home that she and Ryan purchased. In fact, she radiated happiness as she talked about it. In her video, she reminded fans that she had a “home in Sacramento,” and Ryan has his “house in Oaklands,” but now they have their first joint home. And they are “building it together. “

Bachelorette Alum Clare Crawley Is Super Excited About New Home
Clare Crawley / Instagram Stories

Bachelorette fans heard that they haven’t yet moved in because there’s a lot of “redecorating to do.” Anyway, on the weekend, they went to check on things, and it seemed she was very excited about the green lawn. In fact, she described herself to fans  as being “obsessed with it.” Plus, she mentioned that they have “lemon…lime..and orange trees” in the yard. Happily, she told her followers that she plans on planting “much more.”

Bachelorette Alum News – Super Excited – Needs Help

Apparently, Bachelorette fans already helped her decide on things like the color of the walls in their new gym. However, as time goes by,  Clare admits that she will be calling on them for more advice. After all, there’s “still so much to do.” Additionally, it’s her first time with Ryan redecorating a nice big home.

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