Inside the American Idol Drama: The Backlash Against Katy Perry

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Katy PerryAmerican Idol attracts a lot of fans who love music, and it has provided a booster for aspiring talent. However, the show sits at the center of controversy, with fans expressing their anger toward one of the judges, Katy Perry. So what is going on and why are fans complaining about her? Read on to find out.

American Idol Spoilers –  Katy Perry A Judge For Some Years Now

The popular talent show packed away more than 20 seasons, and in recent years, the judges’ panel hasn’t changed. They consist of  Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan, and Katy Perry. Lionel and Luke seem to still retain a lot of fans. That’s because they seem to be very fair with their statements and advice. Of course, Ryan Seacrest as host also pulled a lot of fans in to watch the show. Mind you there are some worries about his health.

American Idol fans grow angry with Katy Perry for several reasons. Firstly she seems quick to lecture contestants about “work ethics,” but she doesn’t always share that quality in her own life. For instance, she seems to feud with Taylor Swift and made a snarky comment about her on the show in 2021. Meanwhile, other fans don’t think she’s a great fit for the show. She might have a lot of talent herself, but she doesn’t seem to always be good at giving constructive criticism.

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The Sun reminded fans that backlash comes because of her own singing history, and not just from the show. Remember “Dark Horse?” The backlash came from the lyrics “She eats your heart out like Jeffrey Dahmer.” Well, that was altogether too much for many folks who accused her of making cannibalism okay.  But they also hate that she mom-shamed Sara Beth Liebe. If you don’t know the offensive judge said, “Honey, you’ve been laying on the table too much.”

Inside the American Idol Drama The Backlash Against Katy Perry
American Idol / YouTube

American Idol fans grew techy with Katy Perry in the last episode of the show. In fact, it came when Nutsa performed and Katy didn’t want to put her through to the Top 24. However she really did agree with the other judges that the singer should go through Instead, she just drew it out for drama. And fans think that’s so unfair. After all, it’s hard enough competing without thinking you didn’t meet Katy’s standards. Actually, some people think she enjoys being “a mind f—k.”

American Idol Spoilers – Fans Slam The Singer Over Nutsa

American Idol Duet’s Round ended up really upsetting NUtsa and her fans. One viewer said on YouTube, “OMG katy is so intimidating and so tricky with words. when she said we didn’t put you in the top 24 my heart dropped.”

Meanwhile, @VtMacDoc said, “I wish judges would not mislead contestants as if they didn’t make it to the next level, I feel that is cruel and not funny at all !! Stop that crap guys.”

Do you think that the backlash against Katy Perry will eventually lead to her leaving the show? Do you think she seems rather nasty sometimes? Let us know in the comments below.

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