Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Red Flag Warning, Hope’s Plea To Steffy

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The Bold And The Beautiful: Hope Logan-Spencer (Annika Noelle

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal Hope Logan-Spencer (Annika Noelle)’s attraction to Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkins) is becoming more apparent to everyone at Forrester Creations.

The Bold And The Beautiful  – Hope Logan’s Denial Leaves Everyone Questioning Her Intentions

While she continues to deny that there is anything more than their professional relationship, she isn’t one to hide her feelings well and everyone’s assumptions could prove to be true. Steffy Forrester-Finnegan (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) could catch the two in an intimate encounter that has Hope begging her to keep quiet but with all of the maturing she has done over the years will she be able to? Steffy has already tried to reassure Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) that there is nothing going on between the Hope for the Future partners but I am not so sure she even believes that to be the truth.

B&B Spoilers – Liam Spencer’s Insecurities Cause Him to Blow Up

B&B Spoilers reveal that even after telling Liam he has nothing to worry about, he took it upon himself to confront Thomas and let him know what he thinks of this situation. Thomas tries his hardest to reassure Liam he has nothing to worry about when it comes to Hope, it’s not the first time he has said this and not be truthful.

He vowed to Liam that even if Hope were to come onto him he would turn her down simply because he knows how toxic he is when he becomes obsessed with her. This caused Liam to lash out and mock Thomas at how ridiculous that is. Hope would never make a move on Thomas, she loves Liam too much, at least that is what he would like Thomas to believe.

Liam obviously does worry about Hope and Thomas working together again, if he wasn’t he wouldn’t continue to belittle and invalidate his wife. Liam needs to realize, he isn’t innocent either, his past transgressions are probably a big part of why he is treating Hope the way he is but he needs to realize all he is going to do is push her right into Thomas’ arms. He should be grateful that she has given him as many chances as she has, seeing as he continues to betray her while she has remained loyal.

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers  – Steffy Forrester Caught In The Middle?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal Steffy comes across information that will have her questioning both Hope and Thomas. Could she possibly walk in during an intimate kiss between the two? It would be interesting to see how they would try to convince Steffy that what she saw was misinterpreted, knowing that there is an attraction between her brother and Hope she will be torn on what to do. She doesn’t want any of the progress Thomas has made to be for nothing, especially since his last scheme should have had him disowned. She will want to protect Thomas and could go along with keeping it a secret as long as nothing like this happens again, but at the same time she could feel furious that she was lied to.

One thing Steffy has done a lot over the last few years, especially after finding true love Dr. John “Finn” Finnegan (Tanner Novlan), is upfront and honest. She isn’t the manipulative bad girl she used to be. Now a successful business woman and mother she has realized that it is better to live a life of good over one full of secrets. She will want to tell Liam what she saw but her loyalty to her brother could keep her from doing it. If Hope makes a pact with Steffy to take this to the grave, will she be able to do so.

Liam was once the great love of Steffy’s life and he is the father to her first child, with the growth she has made will she be able to keep this from him? While she may find it easy to omit the full truth, knowing that something has happened between the two could begin to eat away at her. Would Steffy be able to keep something like this from Finn? I do really enjoy Steffy and Finn. They complement each other and even through their own drama, they have grown to be open and honest about anything working through it together. Would she be able to keep something this big from him? This could cause a rift in their relationship especially if she keeps it from him and he ends up finding out another way.

Liam will always be the thorn in the side of their relationship and Finn could easily think that Steffy was keeping this secret so she could make a move on him. I do think Steffy has realized that Liam will never be the man she needs, so I don’t think she would try to ruin what she has worked for and she could easily explain to him that it was just a one time thing and there is no need to stir the pot anymore than it has been. The good thing about this couple is they have a very good line of communication open so Finn could see why Steffy is doing what she is doing.

She is the one who pushed for Thomas to be put back on the line so if anything bad were to happen, Steffy could face a lot of backlash since it was her idea. Do you think a Hope and Thomas hook-up is inevitable?

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