General Hospital Spoilers: Griffin Arrives In Port Charles With Shocking News for Ava

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General Hospital: Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen)General Hospital spoilers suggest Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) is packing his bags and heading back to Port Chuck. He’s got business to attend to, and this time around, he will definitely make time to meet up with Ava Jerome Cassadine (Maura West). He’s got a lot of explaining to do and Ava is most certainly going to have questions. She won’t be the only one, either. Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin) left a lot of friends behind who grieved hard when she died, and a few key people from PC have known she’s actually alive all along. When Ava finds out she’s been betrayed by them, forgiveness won’t come quickly.

General Hospital Spoilers — Griffin Munro And Ellie Trout Come To Port Chuck

Griffin has apparently been cozying up to Ellie Trout (Emily Wilson), which leads credibility to the idea that he and Kiki aren’t a couple anymore. Just because he helped the woman stay alive and safe doesn’t mean they stayed in love. Kiki may have moved on with someone else by now, too, and that would mean she’s also going to have to introduce them to her real identity and the life she left behind when she escapes Ryan’s terror. She knew his history with any woman he fixated on — and that he always saw to it that his victims paid. If he knew she survived his attack, he would surely be back to get her. Griffin wasn’t going to risk that, and he was able to convince Kiki to agree with him while nursing her back to health.

GH Spoilers – Leak Kiki Jerome Comes Face To Face With Her Mother

When Griffin felt Kiki’s pulse, he confirmed her death anyway. Many times Kiki wanted to go home and confess the truth, but Griffin could have landed in seriously hot water for what he did — and she could, too. Every time she thought about going home, she would talk herself out of it because of the trouble they could get into for having faked her death. From that point on, she had to live under an alias and start a new life. Now, that levy is about to break as she comes face to face with her mother for the first time since her alleged death.

General Hospital Spoilers — Ava Jerome Is Floored

When he invites Ava to meet him at his Metro Court Hotel room, she will be curious about what her old lover-turner-friend has been up to, but she would never have imagined he was betraying her — again — the entire time since he left town. The initial flood of emotions when she sees her daughter will likely be a moment that goes down in GH history, but more feelings of malcontent as sure to follow as Ava comes to realize it wasn’t her that brought Kiki home, but Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen). Keep checking back with us for more GH news, updates, and spoilers just around the corner.

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  1. Steve P says

    What do you mean he betrayed her yet again? Griffen never betrayed Ava in the first place. Ava falsely accused Griffen and Kiki of an affair, when they were merely friends. ava pushed both Griffen and Kiki away. They later fell in love while consoling each other, but that was all Ava’s doing!

  2. Carol Kelly says

    Griffin and Kiki slept together. Griffin who expected honesty from Ava lied to her face. She found out about them when Franco mistakenly sent Ava a text about them having sex when he meant for it to go to Alexis.

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