The Young And The Restless Spoilers: James Hyde Dishes On Y&R Exit

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James Hyde The Young And The Restless spoilers indicate that Jeremy Stark (James Hyde) underestimated his new wife when he decided to try to kill her. Now Jeremy has ended up dead thanks to Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford). James speaks about his run on Y&R

The Young And The Restless Spoilers  – James Hyde Was Promised One Show

The Young and The Restless spoilers reveal that James says he was only promised one show. Afterward, they would see where things went from there. After his October 2022 debut, Hyde was told that they didn’t know what would happen from there. However, it was a new character, which Hyde admits he always enjoys playing so he took the role.

In the beginning, Jeremy was needed in some flashback scenes with Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters). Hyde says the producer/head writer must have liked something about him because he continued to write for the character. Hyde’s goal was to make Jeremy memorable but mysterious and unpredictable. Hyde was glad to learn that Jeremy would be sticking around for a while.

Y&R spoilers – James Hyde Enjoyed Working With His Co-stars

James was thrilled when his list of scene partners continued to grow. Hyde even managed to work with Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) and Josh Morrow (Nick Newman). Hyde says he knew Nick from his days on “Passions.” At the end of his run, Hyde said it was bittersweet knowing that he wouldn’t be coming in anymore.

Hyde says that he did get bummed as his final scenes began to approach and admits to being off-kilter. Hyde credits Michelle for helping him get back on track. Hyde says that by the time they got the script with his last scenes, he knew that Phyllis and Jeremy’s scenes were going to be electric, and of course, they were just that.

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – James Hyde Enjoyed The Gala Scenes

James says that he enjoyed the Gala scenes because he got to meet people he had never met and got to know them a little bit. Of course, Jeremy had quite a bit to say that night too. Hyde also loved the scenes where Jeremy and PHylls had all of their one-on-one interaction before Jeremy’s death. He says they were like two psychos in the same room and Jeremy’s biggest mistake was stopping Phyllis at the door.

Hyde says working with Michelle, Susan, and Peter was an absolute delight. Hyde says that working with Peter was something he truly loved because he is a soap icon. Michelle is the kind of actress that forces you to get in the moment. Susan and he had an inner dialogue when on set together. Hyde describes the whole experience as wonderfully unforgettable.

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  1. DHM says

    I enjoyed the hell out of Jeremy Stark and James did a stellar job playing him. I’m truly sorry to see him go. Maybe he was smarter than he was given credit for. If he could “kill” Phyllis he could pay to have himself “killed”….. After all, we never saw a body, just a body bag…..

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