Did Bachelor Alum Peter Weber Split From Kelley Again?

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Peter Weber Bachelor alum Peter Weber, a.k.a Pilot Pete, first appeared with Hannah Brown on The Bachelorette. Later, he was the lead in season 24. There, he dithered around and couldn’t decide on who he loved: Hannah Ann Sluss, or Madison Prewett. Meanwhile, he also had the hots for Kelley Flanagan. He and Kelley got together several times since then and now it seems that they split for the third time.

Bachelor Spoilers – Alum Peter Weber Seemed Very Indecisive

Pilot Pete seemingly was unable to ever make a decision, and he developed a reputation for being a bit of a mama’s boy. Remember, his mother gave Madison Prewett a very difficult time. Actually, she became known as a villain during his season on ABC. Fans originally found Barbs appealing, but their opinions changed when she publicly criticized Madison. For a while, fans despaired that he would ever find someone if his mom kept interfering.

The Bachelor alum eventually spoke out about all of his failed relationships with Dustin Kendrick. At the time, he and Kelley Flanagan were in Splitsville. Well, he said things didn’t seem to work out with women because he tried  to be “a people pleaser,” Well, he definitely tried to please his mom. However, it’s not clear if he learned anything from that as he and Kelley Flanagan apparently split for the third time.

Bachelor Spoilers – Alum Peter Weber Seems To Have Split Again

Late last week, Pilot Pete was in Calgary for the The National Women’s Show. During an interview, he was talking about finding a wife, and the interviewer said, “Ladies, he’s still single, he’s in Calgary.”  Anyway, he replied and confirmed, “I am.” So clearly, things have gone bad between him and Kelley yet again. Later, @bachelorteaspill shared the clip on Instagram. There, the caption said, “Looks like it’s over between Pilot Pete and Kelley (again).” They added, “Pilot Pete confirmed last week he’s single again.”

Did Bachelor Alum Peter Weber Split From Kelley Again
Bachelor Tea Spill / Instagram

The Bachelor fans were hardly shocked at the news because it happened so many times before. Actually, a lot of people think that Kelley can do so much better than the indecisive pilot. Meanwhile, considering his very responsible position with an airline, others think that he seems particularly immature.

Bachelor Spoilers – ABC Fans Comment

Taking to the comments, one Bachelor fan wrote, “I’m not shocked 💔 it’s coming through our screens that Peter is an indecisive man and doesn’t know what he wants, like many other men on the dating pool! Kelley is better off without him 😊.”

Meanwhile, another reader opined, “…it’s a toxic cycle now of breaking up and getting back together.”

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