General Hospital Spoilers: Everything Old Is New Again-Carly’s Bright Idea, Marry Drew So They Won’t Have To Testify Against Each Other?

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General Hospital: Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease everything old might be new again if Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) has a bright idea she’s used several times with Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). Whether it would work is questionable, but may she suggest she and Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) marry so they won’t have to testify against each other in the SEC court?

General Hospital Spoilers – Push Comes To Shove

Unless Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) can work miracles to get the case kicked out of court, being tried on insider trading charges is a real possibility. Diane stepped up for Drew when SEC agents descended upon him at General Hospital upon his return from Greenland, but since she’s representing Carly he’ll need to get another lawyer. The best case scenario is that Diane and whoever will represent Drew will be able to keep it from coming to court but that may or may not be possible.

Drew and Carly think it’s Ned Quartermaine (Wally Kurth) despite his many denials, but when you get down to it he has motive, means and opportunity. Plus, it fits his history of doing whatever kind of Quartermaine “business” practices he has to in order to win!

GH Spoilers – What Will We Do-Not Fair

Carly has to come up with something if she and Drew wind up having to go to court – and these are the Feds, even if they are investigating white collar crimes. The prison would be a white collar prison, but prison is still prison and she doesn’t want either her or Drew to do time. How unfair Sonny has never been taken down for RICOH violations and racketeering, but yet she and Drew are in trouble for insider trading-then she realizes one reason why. There were several times when she and Sonny were together that they married in marriages of a sort of convenience, so she wouldn’t have to testify against him in court. Carly has to wonder if what worked in criminal court would work here, and if she and Drew married, they could not be compelled to testify against each other.

General Hospital Spoilers – But Wouldn’t Marriage Prove The SEC Case?

She mentions the idea to Drew in confidence and it’s not that he might not want to get married, but wouldn’t marriage prove the SEC case? It hinges on the two of them having been in a close enough relationship for him to give her inside information about the impending merger and her buying stock. They could always say they didn’t start dating until after the failure of the merger, but that can be neither proven or disproven.

Carly wishes she could prove that Drew advised her not to buy stock, but that would only work against them as well. As far as if they married it would prove the SEC’s case or not make it winnable because they couldn’t make them testify against each other-that’s a lawyer question!

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