General Hospital Spoilers: Valentin’s New Path, Decides To Focus On Cassadine Industries?

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General Hospital: Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease that Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) may follow a new path once back in Port Charles and settled. He’ll come home to drama from ELQ and Deception Cosmetics, both companies he’s been part of-but someone needs to run Cassadine Industries; why not him?

General Hospital Spoilers – Cassadine Industries, The Family Business

Now with Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) dead and Nikolas Cassadine (Adam Huss) missing, there’s no one to run the family business, and it’s not going to just run itself. Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) doesn’t have any business training and perhaps no interest, Ace Prince-Cassadine (Joey and Jay Clay) of course is too young. Valentin bought into ELQ and took it over when Nikolas “proved” him not a Cassadine, but when Victor revealed he was his father that all changed.

Valentin’s daughter Charlotte Cassadine (AnaSofia Bianchi) and Spencer and Ace are left as the generation who’ll take over after Valentin and Nikolas, and Nikolas is gone. Valentin looks into the company and sees he can take it over and run it again, keeping Nikolas in absentia and Spencer as an intern-if he wants it.

GH Spoilers – Enough Of The ELQ And Deception Cosmetics Hornets Nests

Valentin and Spencer have one thing in common; avoidance of conflicts unless they’re the ones who start them. Their common experiences in Greenland have given Spencer a new attitude where his great uncle Valentin is concerned. He realized that the warnings he was given about Victor were right, and his grandmother Laura Collins (Genie Francis) has a new respect for Valentin as well. Valentin will include Spencer, since he is now of legal age in any decisions regarding the company but he wants to offer him training first-an internship is valuable experience. Valentin is now the Cassadine patriarch, and he intends to make the Cassadine name something to be proud of-including the family business.

General Hospital Spoilers – Spencer Cassadine Does Need A Job

Spencer does need a job and if his father never returns, someday he will take his place in the company after Valentin retires or leaves. Spencer considers Valentin’s offer for training as an intern and he doesn’t have to leave Port Charles-it might give him an in with guardianship of Ace. Valentin tells him it is his familial right as originally, it wasn’t just Mikkos Cassadine (John Colicos) who owned it, it was all the brothers.

So, technically, Valentin and Nikolas should be the partners now but since he has disappeared he’ll keep his name on the papers, someday it will go to Spencer and Charlotte. Spencer will think about it but for now, Valentin will focus on getting the company back to what it should be-a caveat, they don’t make pathogens!

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