American Idol Gets Kudos For Not Trying To Change Iam Tongi

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American IdolAmerican Idol Season 21 just concluded and fans of the show have a winner: William, a.k.a Iam Tongi. Well, it was a season with some frustration and Katy Perry took a lot of heat. But, we have to hand it to her for thinking he might be the winner after Disney Night. Polynesians across the world are super-happy because he won, and nobody really tried to change him or make him into something that he was not.

American Idol Winner Spoilers – Iam Tongi Beats Out Country Stars

So often, the top performers include country music contestants. So, for a while, everyone thought that Megan Danielle or Colin Stough would take the crown. But, much like Laine Hardy when he won, it was the voters who pushed through for their favorite performer. Actually, Iam Tongi does seem to be very talented, and hopefully, he uses this opportunity to really put his culture on the map. Winning is just the beginning of the journey, according to Katy.

Last year’s winner of American Idol, Noah Thompson, was very different from Iam Tongi and for a lot of people, the new winner is refreshing. During his final journey, Tongi played a unique version of Kolohe Kai’s “Cool Down.” Plus, he performed “Making Memories of Us” by Kieth Urban, which got a very good reaction from, Luke Bryan. Lots of people commented on YouTube and Instagram, and plenty of them feel very proud.

American Idol Spoilers – Iam Tongi Wasn’t Changed

On Instagram, fans expressed a lot of joy. Mostly, because not only is he very talented, but also because the showrunners didn’t try and change him. One follower said, “This was incredible. The whole finale was amazing! I love that you let Iam be himself and allowed him to show the world his beautiful culture. 😍🙌❤️ Well done American Idol! 👏🏾”

American Idol Gets Kudos For Not Trying To Change Iam Tongi
Iam Tongi With American Idol / Instagram

Other American Idol fans echoed the sentiment. One of them said:

@commonkings @kolohekaimusic @americanidol @howsdisguy @playkimie @hawaiinewsreport. now let’s throw @wtongi a congratulatory homecoming concert let’s go bigger! All islands maybe 🤔 putting that into the atmosphere. Let’s manifest that! The aloha spirit is alive! Let’s go! Cheee!”

Actually, if that happened, can you imagine the party?

American Idol Winner Spoilers –  Comments On YouTube

American Idol fans who posted their thoughts on YouTube also seem happy with this year’s winner.

@tai4727 wrote, “Hearing a Kolohe Kai ON AMERICAN IDOL is so heartwarming 😭 YESAHHH IAM, ALL OF HAWAI’I IS PROUD OF YOU 🙏🏾.”

Next, @chelsearoberts9035 said, “So happy not only that he won, but how clear it is that he finally believes in himself the way everyone else has from the start!!!”

What do you think of Iam Tongi? Do love that the showrunners didn’t try and change him and left him with his culture intact? Let us know in the comments below.

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