Leaked Olivia Munn’s Personal Nude Pic (Photo Here)

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Leaked Olivia Munn Peronals Nude Pic (Photo)

The alleged NUDE photo of Oliva Munn is here, so you’re welcome, we managed to get a hold of it!  We cannot verify if they are authentic or how old thye are.  I have said it before celebs have to stop taking nude pictures of themselves on their cell phone if they don’t expect them to find their way onto the internet sometime.

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Still, it might be a really good fake or authentic, don’t you think? Check out the second photo below and let us know what you think!  

Leaked Olivia Munn Peronals Nude Pic (Photo)

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  1. Aaaa says

    A lot of sites are saying it’s fake, and I really have to wonder, how long did it take the hackers to find a fake photo with the same wall paint and floor tiling…?

    1. Nikki Leigh says

      LOL good point! I am not sure but I hear she said all the rest of the pics are real – so that makes me suspicious!

  2. spiritsplice says

    What is really stupid is posting a “nude” photo and them putting those idiotic stars over her body to make her *not* naked. Why not just post a picture of her with the neck down covered amd call it nude? Bunch of chickenshit prudes. Children aren’t afraid of nudity amd yet adults are afraid to even look at it.

  3. Katrina says

    word to Kim K. Still sending naked or half naked pics. I am fully aware that you make loads of cash. However, looking like a ho is out of style. Try becoming a woman of substance. By that I mean become someone who commands respect instead of someone who sleeps with whomever for show. You are known for being EASY. Come on, it is tired now!

  4. Annlei says

    It sure looks like the same body to me. I find of offense in it. Now if she was fat and overweight, yes…I wouldn’t look but what female wouldn’t want to look like her. I would, I would!!

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