Hollywood Hiccups Writers

Founder and Director

Annemarie LeBlanc

Annemarie has a BA in Computer Science from McGill University.  After Annemarie graduated from McGill University she was hired by Concordia University teaching Introduction to Database Management & Advanced Database practices.  Additionally, she taught at Champlain Regional College on the South Shore of Montreal.  After 27 years Annemarie decided to stop teaching take on her Little Retirement Project, blogging.  In a mere 2-years, she grew her blog to 14 million readers a month.

Annemarie is almost completed her first book about the Daytime Soap world and currently has a multi-book deal with a major publisher.

Editorial Director

Amanda Austin

Amanda is a proud mom of her handsome dog named Jack Kerouac.  When she’s not Pinteresting new dog food recipes, she enjoys quilting, couponing, and crocheting her cat’s new sweaters.  In her spare time, she watches soaps and her new passion is British TV.  If you can’t find Amanda online, she’s outside trying to teach Jack Kerouac how to roll over.

Assistant Editor

Danielle Marie Hussey

Danielle has a BA in Sociology and a Diploma in Therapeutic Recreation, and she is a small business owner. Danielle, a newlywed brings her love of soaps and television to the team.

Staff Writers

Dorothy Gale

Dorothy is a great gossipy gossip that we just couldn’t live without her at Hollywood Hiccups…When she isn’t spreading the news of Reality TV here, especially Big Brother you will most likely find her on Rodeo Drive…. window shopping. Yes, retail is her second passion.

Deana Tucker

Deana is a former College professor in Halifax, Nova Scotia and is now retired who lives eats and breaths Daytime Soap news.  When she isn’t watching GH, YR, DOOL or B&B she enjoys traveling and genealogy and loves her 3 granddaughters.  

Renee Staatsburg

Renee is quirky, awkward, vegetarian, slightly crazy, spiritual, a massive film boffin, animal lover, cat-obsessed, amateur astronomer, celebrity enthusiast, Reality t.v. boffin, Gleek, Zombie Apocalypse planner and an Agony Aunt for every person who meets her.

Joanna Mazewski is a writer and editor who is happily married with two children and their rescue pup. She first began her career as a PA for one of the original James Bond screenwriters, Kevin McClory. These days she spends her time traveling to all corners of the globe, shopping online and hiding her secret stash of different flavored Kit Kat bars from her kids.

Nics Abasta

Nics Abasta has a degree in Development Communication. Nics enjoys writing about entertainment, as well as tech and business news. During her spare time, she likes to read youth fiction books, study photography or go out with her husband and kids.