Bachelor Alum Arie Luyendyk Confesses A Bad Choice For Alessi

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BachelorBachelor alums Arie Luyendyk and Lauren Burnham fell in love and became engaged in Season 22 of the ABC show. Married in 2019, they welcomed their little girl Alessi in May of that year. Nowadays they also raise the twins, Lux and Senna. This weekend, he shared some stunning photos of the kids on the beach. But later, he shared that his daughter fell sick. Additionally, he shared that he learned something about parenting.

Bachelor Spoilers – Dad Arie Luyendyk Loves Alessi And The Twins

Alessi arrived and Arie became besotted with being a dad. Often, he’ll share many photos and video clips of his adorable children. So, rumors that he cheated on Lauren held no water at all. At the moment. he’s been sharing great reels as he enjoys their company on the beachfront. However, their daughter Alessi just made a memory for Lauren and her husband that they’ll not likely forget for a long time.

Bachelor fans also adore Alessi and her mom so often shares the antics of her blonde-haired little girl. Alessi Luyendyk’s going on four years old now and seems to be very good with her younger siblings that arrived last year. However, right now, she’s not feeling at all well. And, it seems that Arie blames himself for it. He didn’t mention if they took their daughter to a doctor, but he’s keeping a close eye on her. Read on to find out what happened.

Bachelor Spoilers – Alum Arie Luyendyk Reveals Why He Thinks Alessi’s Unwell

Arie Luyendyk shared his photos of a fun day with the kids and Alessi looked full of beans and healthy. But later, he took to his Instagram Stories and revealed that Alessi really didn’t look well. In his caption, he said, “Alessi only have (sic) one piece of salmon nigiri.” Then he  explained that they “were up every hour,” and they both feel “terrible.”

Bachelor Alum Arie Luyendyk Confesses A Bad Choice For Alessi
Arie Luyendyk / Instagram Stories

Bachelor fans who saw the post also saw that Arie googled if folks can feed their kids sushi. Well, his search revealed that it’s a bad idea if they are under the age of five. Until then, they haven’t developed enough immunity. He didn’t say if he previously knew about that, but it certainly seems like he learned a parenting lesson. Actually, there are some horrible risks that come with eating sushi, and not just for kids.,

Bachelor Spoilers – Sushi Can Have Horrible Risks

Bachelor fans might feel a bit sorry for the daughter of Arie Luyendyk because it seems that a single piece of sushi might have made her ill. He also mentioned that twins, who’d didn’t eat salmon seemed to be fine. According to Insider, “raw or smoked fish” can make people ill from “mercury,” not to mention nasty “parasites, food poisoning,” and “other toxins.”

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