Bobbi Kristina Brown Walked Around With $100 Bills In Her Purse At Only 10 Years Old

Bobbi Kristina Brown Walked Around With $100 Bills In Her Purse At Only 10 Years Old

Now I wasn’t going to go there with the Houston’s. I figured Whitney just died a little less than 1 month ago let it all rest awhile. No go. Oprah’s on the story now. When I found out Bobbi Kristina Brown, Whitney’s Brother and Sister-in law agreed to do an interview with her I thought it’s too soon. Then after seeing all the stories that were coming out, and knowing Oprah is a good family friend to them it all made sense. This interview is going to be to be nothing less than damage control and putting out fires.

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We all knew Bobbi Kristina had a drug problem, for goodness sakes a picture of her with drugs in her hand were on the front page of a magazine a couple years ago. That was when Whitney herself came out and said she was going to get her some help. That’s why I don’t understand how the Houston family can say, “we had no idea that she had a drug problem and that it was this bad”. By bad do they mean there is a good way to have a drug problem?

But you know what chickadoodles didn’t we all see this coming watching the reality show, “Whitney & Bobby”. What 10-11 year old walks around with hundred dollar bills in her purse? That is exactly what Bobby Kristina was doing and I remember thinking, this might turn into a problem with this one, (too much too soon).

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I don’t know let’s watch the interview and see, because we all know Opray is going to be gentle. I think they should have waited a while and let Barbara Walters do it. Sike!!! Like that would never happen.

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