VPR Star Ariana Madix Makes A Promo So Good Folks Think It’s Real

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Ariana Madix Vanderpump Rules, (VPR) star Tom Sandoval cheated on Ariana Madix with Raquel Leviss and there was a huge drama. Bravo rushed to make some more cash off the crisis, and folks were rushed into the studio to talk about it. Anyone would think it was the first time ever that anyone in the cast had cheated. But this time, it happened with a long-term relationship. Anyway, Ariana is doing a great job at looking happy and she just did such a convincing promo that people forgot it was just an advert.

VPR: Vanderpump Rules Spoilers – The Big Ariana Madix & Tom Sandoval Scandal

Tom apologized for his behavior, but initially, not to Ariana. In fact, his first effort saw him roasted because he didn’t mention his girl who’d been by his side for nearly a decade. Instead, he talked about how bad he felt because backlash might hurt Gregg, Swatctz, and Brett, his partners. Clearly, he worried more about that than about Ariana’s broken heart.

The second time the VPR star apologized, Bravo fans felt that it came too little and too late. Talking about Raquel Leviss, he admitted that he made some mistakes. Well, fans didn’t think that a six-month affair would be termed “a mistake.” So, the heat piled up. In the meantime, Ariana took herself off to Mexico to enjoy a fun time at a friend’s wedding. Certainly, she seemed to try not to wear her broken heart all over her colorful sleeve.

VPR Spoilers – Star Ariana Madix Is Thrilled With The Split?

The way Vanderpump Rules fans go on about Ariana, one would almost think that she had waited with a deep longing for Tom to cheat on her so she could dump him. Obviously, she puts on a brave face. Would you feel nothing but joy if your partner who claimed to love you cheated? Life goes on and she is not publically weeping in a corner. But it’s more than likely that she has shed some tears in the privacy of her bedroom.

VPR Star Ariana Madix Makes A Promo So Good Folks Think It's Real
Ariana Madix / Instagram

VPR fans keep telling Ariana on social media that she’s so lucky to have dumped all that weight, talking about Tom Sandoval. This week, she did a promo that convinced people her life is joyous and free of anything negative. It was so good that multiple people said things like “Can we talk about the dead weight lost and the pure happiness oozing out of you ❤️ we👏live👏to👏see👏it👏.” 

Vanderpump Rules Spoilers – It’s Just A Promo & She’s Experienced In Front Of The Camera

VPR fans who took note that it was a promo for Joy Burst realized that it wasn’t a genuine and spontaneous celebration after Tom cheated. One of the more realistic followers said, “Relax it’s a paid advertisement lol.”

However, even those who realized it was just a promo still encouraged her. One of them wrote, “It’s the commercial you wanted from the get go without talking!!!!!!!!!! Get it!”

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