Will Season 18 Be The End Of Sister Wives On TLC?

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Sister Wives Sister Wives has been around for a long time, but some people think Season 18 might be the finale for the Brown family, headed by Kody. On the other hand, others would prefer to see spinoff shows following Meri, Janelle, and Christine. However, with good ratings on the show, is TLC likely to drop it in favor of the unknown ratings of spinoffs? Let’s find out!

Sister Wives Rumors – About Spin-Offs

Rumors are circulating that Kody and Robyn Brown are looking to add a new wife to their family, following Christine’s departure and subsequent move to Utah. At the same time, speculation that Janelle might also leave Kody has become a reality, with the two now separated. Meri also got the boot and another rumor suggests that viewers might not get to see much of Meri in the future, but this could be incorrect.

Sister Wives fans saw a very angry Kody during Season 17, so much so that even the show’s Tell-All host, Sukanya Krishnan, experienced his aggression firsthand. In fact, he even got right in her face and growled at her during the interview, leaving viewers quite shocked. With all of his wives now gone, fans might prefer if TLC focused on spin-off shows rather than continuing with the main Brown family. However,  spin-offs look to be on the back burner.

Sister Wives Season 18 Confirmed – Is It The Last?

Chris Poole, who has been the showrunner for the show for a long time, spoke with Variety Magazine this week and addressed the possibility of spinoff shows. While he is open to the idea of spinoffs, he noted that it might not happen any time soon, given that the main show is doing so well in terms of ratings. So, it seems like TLC is likely to continue with the main show for the foreseeable future.

Will Season 18 Be The End Of Sister Wives On TLC
TLC / YouTube

The producer likes Sister Wives as it is with Kody and all the wives involved. He spoke about how Kody still needs to stay in contact with the kids. Plus, there’s always “something happening” in the family. Well, there is plenty to see that’s for sure. Perhaps the show will cover Gwendlyn’s engagement, her mom’s engagement, and possibly even Kody seeking a new wife.

Sister Wives Rumors – More Seasons To Come?

As Chris Poole still seems so enthusiastic about Sister Wives, it certainly sounds like TLC has got no intention of dumping the show any time soon. Probably, the network can continue to churn out any number of seasons for the foreseeable future.

Were you hoping to see the end of Kody Brown and rather watch spinoffs for the wives? What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below.

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