Paul McCartney Refuses To Work With Justin Bieber

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Paul McCartney Refuses To Work With Justin Bieber

Paul McCartney does not want to work with Justin Bieber.  Word on the street is that Justin had decided that working with the Beatles legend would be just the thing to give him more street cred.  So Justin and his posse pitched the idea to Paul’s people of a Paul and Justin duet.  Justin figure Paul did it with Michael Jackson, why not him?

When Paul heard the news he was horrified.  According to GLOBE, “Paul feared it would tarnish his stellar reputation.  He turned Justin down flat!”

Not only did Paul nix the idea he refused to take Justin’s calls.  Paul basically thinks Justin is a flash in the pan and he is not an artist that should be taken seriously.

Justin is used to getting everything he wants, No one says NO to the Biebs so he is in a major sulk.  Paul’s refusal is driving him nuts and he is trying to find ways to make Paul see the light.  Justin intends to, “Hook up with people who write darker, edgier songs hoping one of the tunes will capture Paul’s attention.”

Good luck with that Justin!  What do you think, will Justin convince Paul to record a duet with him or is he wasting his time?  Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts.

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  1. bulruq says

    The girly-boy isn’t smart enough to realize that if Sir Paul DID record with Justine Bieber, NO ONE would ever take him seriously again! McCartney is a musical genius who was the force behind the 20th century’s greatest revolution in pop music; the “Beeb” is nothing more to music than eye candy for pre-pubescent moppets.

    1. Luigi says

      “girly boy”? and his name is “JUSTIN BIEBER”. grow up.

  2. George says

    I think Paul is right, if he works with this kid the music Buzz as we know it is done!!! it’s already in the dump’s,,, hat’s off to you Paul for not being bought out. And he’s NO!!!! where near MJ Level people need to stop even putting him in the same voice with MJ. But I understand in the music Buzz the monster has to be created. But MJ please Scotter. Good marketing is all the kid has and no one to compair him too, but look out Biber this young Kid Duebwa Loving is moving up fast,, So look out soon you will truely have to earn that spot and prove you belong as they did back in the day..

    Pop-Tip Magazine

    1. Katie says

      You are so right George I have heard this young kid Duebwa Loving!!!!!! music he’s outstanding!!!!!!!!! Branding Time and Seyyz Blue Eyes,, WoW I must agree the Beeb has his work cut out for him when and if this kid hit’s the spot lights. lol

  3. Brian says

    I agree with Paul McCartney 100% on this one. There is no way I would sell myself out working with a little girly boy whose only fan base consists of little pre-teen girls that don’t know jack about real music, which Sir Paul plays. Bieber will never be on the same level as Paul McCartney. He is a legend in muisc, while Bieber is a legend in his own mind!

  4. Ron B says

    Paul McCartney made the right decision. Plain & simple!

  5. Luz says

    I agree with Paul that Beiber is just a passing fancy. He does not have a strong voice nor does he have a good voice. Beiber only does songs that are likeable but the music is sort of a pop tune. I would never think of Beiber as a serious singer because he cannot compete with the best of the singers like Adam Lambert or Paul McCartney. Sorry Beiber!

  6. ray says


  7. Darcy says

    This just makes me love Paul even more. I wonder what my friend will think when I show her this! She hates The Beatles, but is totally in love with JB. I am the opposite.

    1. MairéadMcCartney says

      I know exactly what you mean, I love Paul more than anything, but one of my friends likes that thing. This will annoy her so much!

  8. Eric says

    I agree with every one of you. But, in all seriousness, every single one of you needs to take an English class. I murdered at least 3 kittens listening to your inane and unintelligible statements. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to you. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

    1. Lily says

      Technically, Eric, you didn’t listen. You read. And as for your “kitten killing”, well I think that’s 100% worthy of you seeing a shrink. It’s so irritating finding comments like this. People just love to make themselves look big and bad and make others feel inferior. Go sit in a corner, Eric. No brownie points for you.

  9. mark m. says

    Way to go Sir Paul! Maybe this will be a wake up call for the Biebster. His career is going the way of nsync. Only 1/5th of their group survived the shift in pop culture, all that will be left of the Biebster will be his hair!

  10. Kevin says

    I agree with Paul 100%. I love the beatles and I love Paul and if he did a duet with justin I would have been pissed. Justin doesn’t desirve to work with such a legend

  11. Bob says

    Justin Bieber, Austin Mahone? Who the bloody hell are they?

    1. Mel says

      Austin Mahone is a tone-deaf twat who is WORSE than Bieber.

  12. Joshua says

    What the fuck is a bieber

  13. Mel says

    Yes! Go Paul!

  14. Joseph Z says

    Did i read right about the Michael Jackson comment? Bieber is not even FAR AWAY from Michael Jackson’s status he is lightyears away (you know what i mean,) If Paul who worked with alot of REAL talent does not want to even take your calls… you should get out of music right away. Now where’s a Drake Bell tweet about this XD

    1. Klarisa says


  15. haili says

    justin bieber need to fall back and realize he’s twilight popular not harry potter popular you feel me

    1. Anonymous says

      That comment is really old, as you are not the first, nor the fiftieth to use it.

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