Prince Harry In The UK Without Meghan – What’s The Real Reason?

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Prince Harry In The UK Without Meghan - What's The Real Reason?

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle were invited to the coronation of King Charles III and his wife Camilla Parker-Bowles. However, Meghan turned it down. After all, she does have other things on her plate. But royal family watchers think that she’s just being churlish. After all, she would usually get lots of press coverage at such an event. So, some people wonder why her husband chose to go to the UK at all.

Prince Harry & Meghan Seem To Have Different Objectives

It’s obvious that the “Harkels” don’t appear to work as a team anymore. More often these days, they seem to be focusing on their individual pursuits. It’s possible that the backlash from his book “Spare” and the Netflix show damaged their rep even more than before. Now that the news arrived that she wouldn’t attend the coronation, but he will, it seems to indicate some trouble brewing in Paradise.

Prince Harry, one would think, might feel obligated to go and witness the coronation. After all, his dad is the King. Furthermore, he was born and raised in the royal family. However, he said that he wants to get away from all the trapping of the monarchy. So, people wonder why he actually goes there. Reportedly, it won’t be a long visit. Probably, he wants to get back stateside for his son’s birthday party.

What Is Prince Harry Doing In The UK?

It was Piers Morgan who asked what the son of Prince Charles is doing going to the UK for the coronation. After all, Piers pointed out that he spent “three years trashing” the royal family. Well, he’s not the only one asking that question. Royal commentator, Neil Sean wonders the same thing. On his YouTube channel, Neil came up with a theory that might make some sense.

Prince Harry In The UK Without Meghan Markle - What's The Real Reason
Neil Sean’s Daily Headlines / YouTube

Prince Harry, Neil reminded his viewers, previously demanded that his family issue an apology to him and his wife. So, it looked like his attending the coronation was not going to happen. Anyway, it didn’t turn out like that, and this raises some questions because it all seems a bit “perplexing.” Well, Neil cited some folks as thinking that it’s got to do with “reconciliation.” But others feel that it’s because he’s trying to save their brand. EG: revamping interest in their charity work.

Viewers Have Their Say

In the comments of the video about Prince Harry attending the coronation, viewers spoke their minds. @susanrike7476 wrote, “It’s hypocritical for Harry to be returning after all the malicious things he has said and done. Bottom line. He needs new content for Netflix and to stay connected to the RF for money and relevance. He has only himself to blame for all the backlash he now faces.”

Meanwhile,@deb53 said, “Their brand is in free fall. I think Markle stayed away because if the US realized that GB booed her twice, that could be worse for the brand. It still boggles my mind that the once very popular Prince Harry is struggling to maintain and/or create a brand.”

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