Is Kim Kardashian Paying The Paparazzi To Photoshop Her Pics?

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Is Kim Kardashian paying the paparazzi to not only photograph but photoshop her while she is out and about near and around the Los Angeles area? That’s what a lot of fans can’t help but wonder as there’s a new report that suggests the reality television star might have allegedly asked photogs to alter her photos before they become published. Here’s what you need to know.

According to In Style Magazine, there’s an Instagram watchdog account that is dedicated to pointing out all of the differences between Kim Kardashian’s real photos and her altered photos. And yes, some eagle-eyed fans have noticed that there are quite a few differences between the real Kim and the photoshopped Kim. The account uses side by side photos of edited versus unedited pics of her that have been taken by the paparazzi.

The site even wrote this on one a recent post on Kim, “Some photos are Photoshopped by the paparazzi companies, the celebrities pay for that. That’s why when a FAN takes a picture of some of these women, they look very different. In this example, you can see the difference in Kim’s hips and the size of her waist. And in the second picture you can see how without any retouching, Kim’s butt also looks different.”

And while Kim Kardashian herself hasn’t made any comments about the speculation, her fans have been doing all of the talking for her on social media.

Some of them commented with, “I’m assuming the photo on the right is not touched up, even the Photoshopped pic on the LEFT, they Photoshopped the guy with the white pants, too funny.”

Another commenter said, “The first one on the right looks photoshopped because of the guy’s leg in the background.”

Some others have also pointed out that Kim often walks or stands with her hands slightly apart from her body, as if she knows that it might help for photoshopping purposes! Of course, all of this is just speculation and not confirmed at all.

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