Why Is Prince Harry & Meghan Director Liz Garbus Complaining About The Palace Now?

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Why Is Prince Harry & Meghan Director Liz Garbus Complaining About The Palace Now?

“Harry & Meghan,” the long-awaited Netflix docuseries finally dropped and views seemed quite high, especially in the UK. Liz Garbus, who directed the show probably feels pleased that it didn’t crash and burn. However, not everyone who tuned in did so because they love the former royal couple. Now that she called out Buckingham Palace, the timing seems odd. Bear in mind, most people moved on and turned to discussion about Prince Harry’s book, “Spare.”

Harry & Meghan – Came Along After Folks Grew Bored With The Couple

When King Charles’ son moved to the USA with Meghan Markle, it seemed that they had pre-planned their big break into the world of celebrities. Although the docuseries only recently dropped on Netflix, it was noted that some footage was pre-filmed before they left the UK. After their explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey, things had died down to the point where major UK personalities declare them irrelevant to the country. Some people preferred watching paint dry to hearing more about Prince Harry and his wife.

“Harry & Meghan” came after many boring stories about Harry moaning about security. Anyway, the docuseries shook up a lot of folks because it seemed particularly vindictive and disrespectful to the Queen. Actually, some folks are just grateful that the gracious monarch never lived to watch it. Of course, she knew before her death, that her grandson planned his book, “Spare.” Actually, that would’ve probably made her seethe. Until now, no comments came from Buckingham Palace about either the book or the docuseries. And, Liz Garbus isn’t happy about that.

Harry & Meghan – Director Liz Garbus Complains About The Palace

Vanity Fair carried the story about Liz Garbus getting irritated with the royal family. She claimed that Netflix asked for comments, but they were ignored. Furthermore, she’s angry because “they did that to discredit us…and by discrediting us, they can discredit the content of the show.” Taking to his “Daily Headlines” YouTube Channel, Neil Sean had something to say about the timing.

Why Is Harry and Meghan Director Liz Garbus Complaining About The Palace Now
Neil Seal / YouTube

“Harry & Meghan,” opined Neil, was full of errors. In fact, when Liz defended the former royals in the show, Neil opined that she “obviously wants to see her career shreds.” Citing her claim that the show was “a spectacular docuseries,” Neil added that she feels by not commenting, the Palace “invalidated” the great show.  He questioned how anyone could give “validation” when someone uses “fake footage.” So, he thinks it’s crazy to use “fake” photographs and then claim that it’s “real.”

Why Now?

The complaints about the Palace and “Harry & Meghan,” Neil opined, were raised on behalf of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. But beyond that, he believes that the main reason is that the “Awards Season” approaches.  So, he alluded to how the couple seems to enjoy getting awards. Folks who watched Neil’s show agreed that he might be into something.

Viewer Kate Murphy wrote, “I can think of several awards they actually deserve. Award for most evil and hated pair; Crown of Thorns award for traitors; Most Lies Disseminated in a calendar year. Do you think those would satisfy Duchess Neverwas? #noonewantstohearfromthem!”

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Musto opined, “Garbus is just stewing because her flop of a series hasn’t received one nomination in the U.S. The Golden Globes and Critics Choice are over and no Oscar nomination. The only thing left is the Emmys and as Austin Powers would say: ‘Not bloody likely!”‘

What do you think of Niel Sean’s opinion? Do you think the timing by Liz Garbus is all about hoping for an award? Let us know in the comments below.

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