Frogmore Eviction Might End Any Royal Role For Prince Harry

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly received the news that they should hand back the keys to Frogmore Cottage. While a lot of supporters think it was wrong of King Charles, others applaud the decision. Does it signal the end of Prince Harry playing any royal role at all?

Did Prince Harry Pay Back The Money For Frogmore?

When Meghan and her royal husband needed a place to stay in the UK, Queen Elizabeth handed them the keys to Frogmore Cottage. Well, it cost a lot to do extensive renovations. Not that Meghan liked it, and she bleated about it to anyone who would listen. Folks thought that they paid back the money for the cottage but there are rumors it was actually paid for by King Charles.

If King Charles paid for the renovations on behalf of Prince Harry, then it makes sense that he might actually give him an eviction notice. While some people thought the monarch would be unlikely to evict Harry and hand it to Prince Andrew, it seems that is what really went down. A few days ago, Rafe Heydel-Mankoo and Nigel Farage discussed it on GB News.

Prince Harry Evicted By King Charles In Revenge?

For a long time, the youngest son of Charles has been dissing the royal family. Actually, slamming everything about the House of Windsor has made them a ton of money. Meanwhile, his dad, now the monarch, was seen as weak for just taking it without reacting. On GBN, Nigel Farage asked Rafe if the eviction was revenge by King Charles.

Frogmore Eviction Might End Any Royal Role For Prince Harry
GB News / YouTube

According to Rafe, people hoped that Prince Harry would return like “the prodigal son.” However, that never happened, so his father made a firm decision about Frogmore. Rafe also mentioned the “vile attack” on Camilla Parker-Bowles which was “the final straw” for his father. All through the Netflix docuseries, “Harry & Meghan,” Charles remained silent. But the book “Spare” went too far in Rafe’s opinion.

No More Royal Role Or Recognition For The Wayward Son?

Rafe explained that “if a diplomat” becomes “persona-non-grata, they lose their “privileges,” and their standing. So, he thinks that King Charles has basically done that with Prince Harry. Frogmore was a privilege and not a right.

As far as the royal expert is concerned, without actually saying as much, evicting the couple from Frogmore indicates the end of them in royal circles. Furthermore, “he can no longer be a counselor of state” as he isn’t “domiciled in the UK.”

Naturally, people commented on the discussion. Jenni Deans opined, “Well done King Charles….lets hope American Tax and Immigration take a look at him now he has not got a permanent home in the UK .”

Meanwhile, Leslie Kwan praised King Charles, saying, “An absolute masterstroke and justice served. Great decision by KC III.”

What do think? Did King Charles finally take revenge on Prince Harry by taking away Frogmore Cottage? Let us know in the comments below.

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