Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Hit The Rocks Over Negative Publicity?

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Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Hit The Rocks Over Negative Publicity?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had a rough couple of months with Harry’s book, “Spare” being published. Add to that the Netflix docuseries, and you have a right royal opportunity to troll the couple. Keeping them in the negative press is the lawsuit by her sister Samantha for defamation of character. Is all the backslash impacting the couple who seemed so united?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Mocked by South Park

It seems the once-loved couple takes a lot of heat on social media. In fact, it’s possible that recent events might have caused some division between them. Notably, they no longer seem to work together as a unit these days. Actually, last week, they seemed intent on pursuing individual goals. Has the strain finally gotten to them? Keeping up appearances with influential celebs is important. However, Harry’s wife seems more into meeting with politicians, a sure sign that early rumors suggested she’d find her niche in that area of life.

Most people feel that Comedy Central’s “South Park” was spot on with their mocking episode of the former working royals.  Actually, most people might move on and just ignore it. However, the word on the street from experts suggests that Megham Marlke is allegedly steaming with fury. In fact, other celebs were the butt of the joke in the past. Most notably, Donald Trump on  “SNL.” Lofty company, indeed. Really, the “South Park” episode got so many folks laughing, it’s clear that fewer people buy into their sad stories anymore.

Meghan Markle and Harry’s Relationship Taking Some Strain?

Recently, Royal insider Kinsey Schofield spoke on “Sunrise7 Australia.” In her opinion, it seems that potentially, their relationship now takes some strain. She said, “They’ve got to be under strain with the Netflix Documentary which they began to film in 2019.” Inferring that people who work for them might be talking, she noted that “they change staff more than one changes shoes.” Allegedly, the former actress seems unhappy, and Prince Harrey can’t ever seem to do enough to keep her smiling. For example, “Harry tries so hard… like he brought her a Mansion in Montecito and it is just not enough.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Hit The Rocks Over Negative Publicity
Sunrize 7 / YouTube

Bear in mind, that they relocated to the USA so she would find happiness. However, allegedly, she’s not satisfied. Another day, another problem on Harry’s breakfast plate seems to be the norm. Whispers suggest that Meghan Markle is forever finding something to gripe about. “Unfortunately, she keeps moving the goalpost and it’s very difficult to make her happy.” Naturally, that’s bound to cause a “strain on their relationship.” Meanwhile, he seems to think that keeping her “happy” is his life’s mission, which seems almost impossible to achieve.

Falling Out Of Favor?

The hosts noted that even America seems to have turned on the couple. Meanwhile, back in the UK, royal family watchers seem way disenchanted with them. Bear in mind, Americans were originally the big supporters of the couple.

In the comments on YouTube, one viewer opined, “There’s just really no one who defends the vile behavior of the wife but the husband. Really, how can someone see and yet be so blind[?]”

Meanwhile, another commenter said, “Saying Prince Harry is a bit of a joke is like saying the Atlantic is a bit of water. Meghan makes other narcissists look like loving and caring people.”

What do you think about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry? Do you think their many ambitious plans turned around and bit them? After all, the series and book and even the interviews with Oprah Winfrey were carefully planned. Throw in rumored tension at home in Montecito, is their relationship really heading for the rocks? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Daniel Mutispaugh says

    I think they will survive.

  2. Joyce Brittingham says

    I do not find them likeable at all, I do find them interesting, such as a soap opera, therefore I keep up with them but only because they provide some sort of entertainment. They are not as interesting even as they once were.

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