Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) Spoilers: Should Sami Brady Stick Around Salem? Vote Now!

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Days Of Our Lives: Sami BradyDays of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers reveal Sami’s life blowing up in her face when the soap returns from the winter break. And when Sami’s life blows up, it’s always entertaining, but do you want that entertainment on a regular basis. Should Sami stick around Salem this time or should she make a hasty exit once again? You tell us!

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Sami Brady Comes And Goes From Days Of Our Lives

Since 2014, Sami Brady has been a hurricane, blowing in and out of Salem ready to cause trouble. Of course, Sami has always caused trouble and that’s the joy of the character. Antics are all she knows, as she’s been this way since high school. It’s been Alison Sweeney’s choice to focus on other career projects and she’s made a name for herself on the Hallmark Channel with her Murder: She Baked series of TV movies.

Her previous Salem stints have been short and sweet, but this time Sweeney and Sami have been around for months on end and the soap is never boring whenever she’s on screen. She also has her family around her this time. Allie (Lindsay Arnold) is there, EJ (Daniel Feuerrirgel) is there, Johnny is on his way, and all she’d need are Sydney and Will (Chandler Massey) to make things more complete. She’s also torn between Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) and EJ once again, as she’s been for years. It’s all so familiar and perhaps it should never end.

DOOL Spoilers – Is There Too Much Sami Brady Now?

Sami also has her very own storyline this time around and she’s front burner, but is this how it should be or is she taking up too much space for too long? Do other characters get a chance? Somehow she often seems to overshadow them.

Maybe you prefer to get a break from Sami and then feel more excited when you only get to see her once in a while. You half expect her to leave again any day now because you’ve gotten used to it for the last seven years. But is that what you want or should Sami stay for good and once again put down roots in Salem? Let us know in the Days of Our Lives poll below.

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  1. Gladys Montgomery says

    Sami seems to hold the show together. Without her things are not so exciting. When she and EJ left the show so many of us felt very sad. Now that she and EJ came back things have started to get exciting again. I really hate to see her leave.

  2. Lee says

    A BIG FAT NO, All SAMMI Has Done
    Since She Came Back Is Stir The
    Pot, Made Lots Of Trouble For Her
    Daughter ALLIE, NICOLE, LUCAS,
    ATTACK, Sent Him To The Hospital
    & She Is To Volitil To Live In SALEM.
    Go Back & Solve Mysteries On The
    Of A Pain In The Butt.

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