Counting On Spoilers: Josh Duggar Cannot See Jessa Duggar’s New Baby

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Josh DuggarCounting On spoilers reveal that because of his charges, Josh Duggar is not allowed to see his sister’s new baby. While the rest of the family is celebrating the birth of Jessa Duggar’s child, Josh is not permitted to be anywhere near her. This seems like such a happy time for the rest of the family, but Josh doesn’t feel that way.

Counting On Spoilers – Josh Duggar Charges

When the home of Josh and Anna Duggar was raided, authorities found a lot of incriminating evidence on his computer that showed child pornography. Josh already has a history of sexually molesting teenagers, a few of them being his sisters, and his family has stood by him no matter what. Now, with Jessa’s new baby, he can’t go anywhere near the family. Getting close to the baby would be a violation of his charges and he could get into even more trouble.\

It seems that Josh isn’t even living with Anna and their family right now. He is living at the home of his friends from church, without children around. He can’t even be around his own children right now because of how brutal his charges are! He cannot have contact with any minors, no matter what the relation! This has got to be incredibly hard on Anna now that she is expecting their seventh child.

Counting On Spoilers – The Trial Date And Information

Josh’s trial is scheduled to start on November 30 and there will be no press allowed in for the trial and the hearing will not be a public event. There are rumors that Anna could be considering a divorce, but that seems like a bad option considering how many children she will have to raise all alone! Perhaps her in-laws would be able to help out, but as of right now, she is the only one doing the parenting. She has got her hands full!

We will keep you posted on the trial and any new information that comes out of this horrible situation.

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