What Will Megan Markle And Prince Harry Come Up With Next?

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What Will Megan Markle And Prince Harry Come Up With Next?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are perceived by some members of the public as traitors. This follows their dramatic exit from the Royal Family in 2021. Unfortunately, their recent collaboration with Netflix didn’t earned them many popularity votes.  Read on to find out what master plan the couple might allegedly brew up next.

Megan Markle And Prince Harry Rock Netflix Ratings

Prince Harry and his wife aired their popular Netflix series, “Harry & Meghan” in mid-December 2022. Whilst the series explored their love story, it also covered other aspects of their memoirs as members of the Royal Family. Naturally, without the toxicity toward the Royal Family, Netflix ratings could have flopped. After all, lots of folks already seemed bored with the couple. In the docuseries, Harry expressed his fear of media harassment of his children. Of course, he worried because of his own traumatic childhood experiences with the media.

Liz Garbus, the director of “Harry and Meghan” was interviewed by Vanity Fair earlier this year. Garbus described filming the documentary as “a surreal immersion exercise into the alleged palace mind games.” At the time, she explained that Buckingham Palace tried to discredit the docuseries by denying having been contacted for comment. However, she contradicted their claims and alleged they did reach out to the Palace.

Megan Markle Prince Harry To Make More Shows For Netflix?

Royal Expert, Neil Sean, recently posted an update to his YouTube daily headlines channel. Neil alleged the couple’s required to provide more footage if they are to keep their sweet deal with Netflix. Neil reminded his followers that Meghan felt the docuseries was portrayed from the director’s point of view. However, he indicated that Prince Harry felt pleased with the content of the “Harry & Meghan” docuseries.

What Will Megan Markle And Prince Harry Come Up With Next
Neil Sean / YouTube

Neil suggested that Harry “obviously believes he got his truth out there,” but he questioned, “at what cost?” Allegedly, Netflix is keen on further partnerships with the couple. The “Harry & Meghan” docuseries was successful and helped to lower the ratings for “The Crown.” However, Neil stated the couple cannot continue spouting negativity about the Royal Family, who they have been pretty much estranged from for two years. Neil posed the question, “Apart from the Invictus Games Documentary, what on earth can Harry and Meghan come up with next?”

Haters Have Their Say – Fabrication?

The video hit over 80k views and over 800 comments so far. Followers slapped back with bitter comments toward the ex-royals. One commenter wrote, “since harold is a confirmed serial liar, I’m sure he would have no problem making up anything Netflix might want for content.”

Another wrote, “I dumped Netflix I wouldn’t watch or donate anything those two are involved with.”

Many viewers made their feelings clear by expressing their resistance toward Netflix’s partnership with the notorious couple. Could Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s next project be detrimental to the British Monarchy? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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