Did Prince Harry Dig Himself A Netflix Hole When He Wrote ‘Spare?’

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Did Prince Harry Dig Himself A Netflix Hole When He Wrote 'Spare?'

Prince Harry landed some nice financial deals with Netflix and “Harry & Meghan” did really well in the UK. Of course, he also released his book, “Spare” and it also seems to be doing really well. Even people who don’t like the couple seemed to reach into their wallets to buy it.  However, did he dislodge “The Crown” from its place of popularity in the UK? And, if he did, has he dug a hole for himself that means Netflix can produce lots more about him and his wife, even if he doesn’t want it?

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Might Have Helped Top Crash ‘The Crown’

“The Crown” was very popular in the UK, but as it went along, it became more fictional than reality.  You might recall that Emma Corrin played the role of Princess Di in the show. Actually, it seemed a bit harsh for William and his brother as it covered the interview by Martin Bashir that both the royal brothers never wanted to see. Anyway, the show is tanking badly, and Netflix allegedly needs other content.

There’s a lot of competition amongst streaming platforms, so probably it’s not the end of the road for Meghan Markel and Prince Harry. The last season of the crown reportedly crashed in the ratings, but the former royals made up for it when they told their “truth” in “Harry & Meghan.” Clearly, Netflix would want more from them to help fill the coffers.

Prince Harry Has Loads Of Content In ‘Spare’

Neil Sean reported on YouTube, that allegedly both of the former royals “have done a lot of damage to the crown, both figuratively, and fictitiously.” He also opined that the book and the docuseries simply brought more than any fiction writer could have imagined. So, folks would obviously prefer to watch stories about modern royals. Whether their truth is true or not, seems to make little difference.

Did Prince Harry Dig Himself A Netflix Hole When He Wrote Spare
Neil Sean / YouTube

Prince Harry and Meghan “have put themselves in a very difficult situation,” according to a source. Neil added, “the [Netflix] bosses want more of the same.” Can the celebs simply say no to further docuseries by Netflix?  It’s not clear about their contracts, but Neil noted that the streaming giant could “just plow ahead.” After all, when he wrote “Spare,” the son of King Charles literally “gave them a whole script to work from.” After all, he can’t ever say that “this never happened,” because “he wrote it.”

Viewers Coimment On YouTube

Folks don’t seem to care much if Prince Harry has dug himself a Netflix hole. Mind you, lots of them agreed that “The Crown” deserved to tank. One follower, Michelle Anderson wrote, “I really enjoyed the first 2 seasons of the show…historical drama with wonderful locations and costumes. The last season was really awful! I didn’t make it through the 1st episode before I got offended and turned it off.”

Meanwhile, another person, Gisele opined, “The ‘human wrecking balls’ Meagain and Harry have played their part in the downfall of the previously popular series The Crown. They are the opposite of the Midas Touch.”

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