Did Meghan Markle Break The Budget With Her Fashion & Style?

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Did Meghan Markle Break The Budget With Her Fashion & Style?

Meghan Markle was an actress and apparently had her own independent income before she met and married Prince Harry. In fact, a lot of people defended her when critics claimed she was just after his wealth and a lot of fame. But, did her personal style and fashion choices slam her father-in-law’s wallet shut because of her expensive choices? Read on to find out.

Meghan Markle & King Charles Clashed Over Spending?

When Queen Elizabeth still sat on the British throne, fans already knew that her son would try and curb spending for the royal family. Actually, he’s not a penny pincher, and he was generous with his money. Did you know that he personally helped to fund 200 employees that were furloughed from The Prince’s Foundation? That came when the coronavirus was running rampant.

Meghan Markle and Harry were also funded by his dad when they first moved to the USA. Of course, things changed over time, and the couple made some astonishing claims about life in the royal family. Possibly, that was why Queen Elizabeth reportedly removed royal their patronages. But, did the differences between the couple and now King Charles start much sooner than folks knew?

Meghan Markle & King Charles Bump Heads Over The Budge

This weekend, royal expert, Neil Sean took to his YouTube channel, Neil Sean’s Daily News Headlines to spill some tea. Careful to always point out that things “allegedly” happened, he talked about how the Prince of Wales allegedly felt that his son’s wife was too extravagant. Neil also pointed out that Harry’s wife claimed she was close to her father-in-law and Charles did walk her “down the aisle.”

Did Meghan Markle Break The Budget With Her Fashion and Style
Neil Sean (Maycon) via YouTube

Did things change soon after Meghan Markle married Prince Harry? Allegedly, Charles was put out because the outfits chosen by his new daughter-in-law were terribly expensive. Well, people criticized Kate Middleton for her clothing budget in the past. But, she does sometimes wear off-the-shelf clothes. Plus, she’ll sometimes wear them more than once. Actually, Neil noted that even Queen Elizabeth would re-use some outfits. But allegedly, Meghan wouldn’t do that.

More Important Things To Spend Money On

Whether the money came from his own pocket, or from the royal coffers to pay for the style and fashion of  Meghan Markle, is irrespective. According to Neil, there were better places to spend money during difficult times.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that Meghan and Charles clashed over her extravagant fashion and style choices even before they relocated stateside?  Let us know in the comments below.

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