Pippa Middleton Using Sister Kate Middleton’s Connections To Get On Cast Of Dancing With The Stars

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Kate Middleton’s sister, Pippa Middleton, wants to join the cast of Dancing With The Stars! The Duchess of Cambridge’s commoner family has rode her coattails since she married in to the royal family – and Pippa never passes up the opportunity to cash in on her sister Kate’s connections. Seriously, someone needs to remind this girl that she is nothing more than the Duchess’s sister and not an A-List celebrity!

According to a new report from Star Magazine, Kate Middleton contacted Dancing With The Stars pro Derek Hough about joining the cast of the next season of Dancing With The Stars. An insider dished to Star Magazine, “She wants her sister’s fame, that’s for sure. I heard she is desperate to be on Dancing With The Stars, but the palace asked her to back off. They felt it would sully the image of her sister, the Duchess of Cambridge. Well, I tell you she did not care! She contacted Derek Hough, and he is a big fan of the idea.”

It would be mortifying for the royal family if Pippa Middleton joined the American reality TV show, but it would be even more mortifying if she were a horrible dancer and was eliminated early on in the competition. Frankly, we would love to see Pippa fall on her butt on national television. Sadly, we will probably never get the opportunity – because Queen Elizabeth will stop at nothing to make sure that Kate’s commoner family doesn’t embarrass the palace any more than they already have, and will ensure that Pippa doesn’t wind up on Dancing With The Stars.

Do you think Pippa Middleton would do well on Dancing With The Stars? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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