NBC DEFENDS Days Of Our Lives Exit To Peacock, SHOCKS DOOL Crew!

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Days Of Our Lives

Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) has reigned as NBC’s longest-running series. And some devoted DOOL fans regarded the show as a key reason to turn on NBC. As a result, the sudden announcement that Days Of Our Lives would take flight and move to Peacock shocked viewers.

But a new report reveals that some of the crew got no warning about the move. Find out how the Days Of Our Lives crew reacted. And learn what NBC stated in a long-awaited announcement. Get all the details below.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Crew Shocked At Move To Peacock!

When NBC announced that Days Of Our Lives would move from the network to the Peacock streaming platform, viewers felt shocked. But the crew got taken by surprise as well. And an insider told ET how the crew reacted.

Many crew members learned about the move the same way that viewers did: Through media reports. As a result, they felt extremely upset. “We suspected this would happen at some point, but just not now,” shared the source. “This was shocking.”

NBC will replace that time slot with the NBC News Daily. Kate Snow, Aaron Gilchrist, Vicky Nguyen and Morgan Radford will anchor the daily news program. But the news didn’t just upset the crew. Fans reacted with dismay for several reasons as well. For instance, some complained that they would need to pay for Peacock Premium in order to watch new daily episodes. And some older viewers shared that they would boycott the show rather than try to figure out how to join the Peacock streaming service.

NBC – Finally Makes Statement About DOOL Move To Peacock

Days Of Our Lives fans also expressed frustration that NBC made no announcement over the switch to Peacock. However, Mark Lazarus, chairman of NBCUniversal Television and Streaming, finally issued a statement, per Fox News. And Lazarus claimed that the switch from the network to Peacock will benefit viewers as well as the streaming service.

“This programming shift benefits both Peacock and NBC and is reflective of our broader strategy to utilize our portfolio to maximize reach and strengthen engagement of viewers,” stated the NBC chairman. “With a large percentage of the Days of Our Lives audience already watching digitally, this move enables us to build the show’s loyal fan base on streaming.” He also noted that NBC’s daytime programming will benefit by providing live news for viewers. 

When the change starts on September 12, only three daytime soaps will remain on network television. ABC will continue to air General Hospital. And CBS plans to still broadcast both The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful. Meanwhile, Peacock subscribers will get to watch both the daily show and more than 14,000 of DOOL’s older episodes. 

Tell us what you think. Did you feel shocked to learn that Days Of Our Lives would move from NBC to Peacock Premium? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more Days Of Our Lives news!

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  1. Laura Province says

    Guess you just lost a loyal fan I have watched this show since I was a teenager but will not switch to peacock so good bye old friend hope it’s worth it!!


    I will not pay to watch Days, I have been watching for 57 years and on a fixed income I am really mad and sad to see it move, will miss it but sorry.

  3. Shelley says

    I am 65 years old. I have been watching for as long as I can remember. I am so furious at this move! I am NOT paying to see this show move to peacock! You will lose so many of us older fans! Shame on you!!

    1. Annie says

      Sucks, sucks, sucks. Unfair. Not everyone can afford to be paying for streaming tv, which is where everything seems to be headed. DOOL is sickening anymore. The characters and storylines are ridiculous. Bringing Ben back as another character! Kristin needs to GO.

  4. Joan Salem says

    I am not happy about Days move to Peacock I will pay the extra $5 a month but a Hugh amount of people cannot afford to pay or do not have internet so what will happen is he show in a short time will be cancelled that is very sad!!!!!! Please reconsider your decision

    1. Sandi says

      You can’t get cable where I live out in the country. I’d have to pay for satellite service. Then pay for peacock. This stinks.

  5. Emma says

    I will miss DOOL very much. I have watched it since day one. Was the reason I bought my first VCR and the reason I got cable with DVR. But will not try to pay more to watch it. I also watch GH. Will watch GH as long as I can!
    Thanks NBC for the almost 57 years.

  6. Jackie DeHollander says

    disappointed about this-I am 75 and am not good at this “streaming” and no I am not happy to have to pay even more for something I have enjoyed since it started. I hope I am able to get thru this. I just feel for some of us its a difficult situation

    1. Christmas says

      Have not had cable for about 4 years now. I don’t have cable and saved a lot of money. I have been using streaming services and saving a lot of money. Now I am not trying to change your minds just letting you know there is another way. I spent a while checking out and learning.

      BTW, Peacock net work has tons of things, old shows new shows, sports, and movies. This new wave is not going away.

  7. Beverly says

    As I am a senior citizen on a tight budget I am unable to afford Peacock I have watched DAYS since it’s first episode for 57 years but I guess this goes to show money is the big reason so I guess I will give up watching Days due to having to pay so I guess it is Good Bye to Days for me I will watch until Sept 12

  8. Emma says

    i don’t need or want to watch old episodes of DOOL. because I have already seen almost all of them! I sure will miss it ,but will find something else to fill my time and it will NOT be a news show! Thank you NBC for all the years!

  9. Paul says

    I am furious over this move. I have watched religiously for 56 years. So much for loyalty. Like we need yet another NEWS SHOW. You’re a bunch of stiff out for the almighty buck. To hell with NBC !

  10. Shawn Droze says

    I was very disappointed to hear about the move to Peacock. I don’t do streaming, so I guess I will be saying goodbye to a wonderful show that I have watched for34 years. I actually quite watching it last year when the devil came to town. That crap was so stupid. It was the same as it was 25 years go, when the devil entered Marlana and possessed her and then possessed the whole town next. It was so stupid, and boring. I have not watched it since.

  11. Mel says

    The last thing any of us needs is another news show! I am so disappointed in NBC. I have been watching since high school and they have lost another viewer. There is not much left on NBC that I enjoy watching. If it weren’t for Magnum PI getting picked up, I would not watch NBC at all.

  12. TinaL says

    I won’t be subscribing. I’ve watched since I was a teenager. My grandma watched, as did my mom. Happy Trails

  13. Sean Galvin says

    Bad bad move NBC should have never messed with this show. It wouldn’t be too bad at 4.99 but to have to buy the premium so we can watch one show. Just not worth it. Watched it since the early 80s and now you do this for what a stupid talk show or some liberal agenda brainwash propaganda show or more news and lies. There’s nothing else on your channel we watch but this its too bad maybe the whirlwind will come back to bite ya. We as viewers hope it does!!!! So long ya bastards hope the cast and crew walk on your asses !

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