Rihanna Faces Criticism For Anti-Semitism Over #FreePalestine Tweet

Rihanna Faces Criticism For Anti-Semitism Over #FreePalestine Tweet

Rihanna has been battered with controversy in the wake of her #FreePalestine tweet, despite the fact that she deleted the tweet mere seconds after posing it. I guess she realized that you can’t post such a blatantly biased tweet in the wake of the political issues in the Middle East, especially now. Of course, Rihanna’s had her fair share of religious controversies, so this should be nothing new to her.

A pro Israel group named Zionist Organization of America has already spoken up about Rihanna’s tweet, calling it ‘despicable anti-Semitism‘. They also called out the contents of her tweet, saying that Palestine is in no way enslaved by Israel and they have their own governing body. And if that wasn’t enough, they ended their message with this: “People should free Jews from buying tickets to her performances.” Damn, that’s quite a burn for a religious organization.

Anyway, Rihanna’s camp is already using TMZ as their PR outlet, claiming that Rihanna posted the tweet by accident. I’m not sure how typing out those words and then tweeting them is an ‘accident’, but apparently Rihanna was reading about the Middle East conflict and she accidentally clicked a link that led to that message being posted to her Twitter.

Right. Rihanna’s been using Twitter for a long time, and as far as we know, there’s no virus that somehow posts messages to your Twitter without your consent. Rihanna would have been better off blaming a hacker for this, rather than claiming that it was some automatic message-posting system from some random website.

Regardless, Rihanna’s team claims that she’s not Pro-Palestine or Pro-Israel, but ‘Pro-Peace’. I’m just not sure anyone will believe her after this.

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